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How Does One Create Success?

Get Out of Your Head!

That’s not how you create YOUR success…

YOUR FIRST key to create success in any area of your life is to:

Discover the 4 ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS – that I give you below – this is YOUR answer!

Sometimes we have amazing accomplishments….but then our mind sends us back into the struggle. The ANSWER is to bypass the mind!

I teach the MOST POWERFUL way to Create Success by using the System of the Shaman.

1. See it –

What’s the pattern you’re currently creating (no money, not enough time, unhealthy relationships) ?

2. Experience it –

Feeling the feelings that this is creating for you (fear, anger, hurt

3. Shift it – 

Energetically move the energy, preferably through an Illumination

4. Understand it – 

What’s the gift that you receive from this old experience (self love, inner confidence, inner peace)  

By bypassing the mind when you do healing work, it is essential to allow your shift to affect your physical world! This includes: journaling, creating sand trays, and before-and-after altars.

You Can Make This Your Best Year Ever!

 Break Free of what is blocking your success!  You Can Do It !

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