Your Sacred Destiny



Currently, the “Resident Shaman” at Two Bunch Palms Resort in Desert Hot Springs, CA and Golden Door in San Marcos, CA. where she is available for private shaman sessions, journeys, soul retrieval, drum circles, destiny work and so much more to guide you into other dimensions for healing in relationships, finances and health.

Here is a little about Dani’s journey in her words:

I traveled to see my family both to Hawaii and Florida. I have two adult children and two grandbabies and I want to spend as much time in their lives as possible. So after studying for 25 years; 11 different modalities, 15 years ago I found the answers to my freedom.

Now I understand how to create a successful income and I want to teach you!

It hasn’t always been this way though. I have taken 4 businesses and made them very successful. I know you probably have created successful businesses also, but to keep the momentum flowing…that is the key!

I took these three businesses and sky rocketed them into success – then I closed their doors. I would like to teach you now that this is called a pattern if you don’t know you are creating these patterns, they can happen over and over.

This could have happened to this business, Your Sacred Destiny, but I have the answers this time!

Would you like to learn how to break through what is blocking you by finding your answers? This is such an important answer to know.

After I closed the doors on my third business, I went to a very dark place and I went searching for the answers I had been looking for my whole life. This searching was probably the reason I studied different modalities for the past 25 years.  15 years ago, I found the answers!


Dani and Don Francisco at a retreat in CaliforniaI met a man who changed my life forever! He had a love for life; eyes that sparkled and a smile of pure joy for life. He called himself a shaman. If you have ever had a session with a shaman, the work is very powerful and life changing! I thought to myself “who needs a shaman?”, but this man knew who I was, but I had never met him. He knew what I wanted even when I did not.

The whole experience was unbelievable, but the part I would like to tell you about is this…This shaman went on a journey for me and brought me back the power animal – Peacock. I left the shaman and went out to dinner with my best friend and all night we laughed until we cried! The next day we went to the shaman’s drumming circle and he gave me a book to look up the wisdom of Peacock. Can you guess what it represented….laughter!

The work I did with this shaman followed me home and my whole life changed! I started to realize that there was so much I didn’t know about myself. I discovered how I created success and why I was losing it.

This shaman aligned me on a path that I live everyday – to understand that the way I thought I was supposed to create success was backwards from what society had taught me! With these tools and techniques I had learned,

I now am here to help you discover who you are inside and how to create the success you want AND to keep the momentum!

Would you like to know more?

 This work has been proven for over 50,000 years. It only came down from the mountains of Peru by the last of the Inka Shamans about 50 years ago or so. I was so intrigued that I began studying with this shaman. I worked with Machu Picchu in Peruhim and with his clients; who were movie stars. I studied with many shamans of Peru and Lake Titicaca, both here and in Peru. I still study with my sages as they now journey to me to teach their wisdom to my students and my community.

I have seen thousands of clients. For the past nine years, I have been guided by spirit to teach and I am going to share their teachings with you through my website and give you ways to receive even more tools and techniques so you can create success. 

Now I live a life that is explained in quantum leaps (a quantum leap is the ability to skip many steps towards your goal and allow what you are wanting to come to you). I travel across the nation teaching these techniques that bring you the success you are wanting. I also host my teachers to share their wisdom in order to allow these precious gifts to be held by you.

Would you like to know how to take quantum leaps and live your ideal life?  Click here to learn how!