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Are you ready to make BIG changes in your life?

Feeling the energy ~ hands held out over a despachoDo you wish you you could make changes to your world but don’t know how, or where to start?  Have you ever wondered what influences your day-to-day life, and where did it come from?  If you are ready for BIG changes to happen in your life (and you have to be truly ready), you have only to attend Dani Burling’s 4-Day Medicine Wheel Retreat. She teaches these one-of-a-kind, life-changing events every few months. There are actually four 4-day medicine wheel retreats, taught over the course of a year.  They are spread out to help your mind and body adjust over time to the changes you are making in your life. To find out when the next one starts, click here. These scientifically-proven methods will improve your health, finances, relationships, job and future. Guaranteed! 

Are you supposed to be a part of this group?  If so, these are the kinds of things you will learn:

  • How to clear the energy field and the chakras so you align with your goals
  • How to “track” the answers you need that are beyond your mind
  • What the lesson of your soul is that will stop your emotional highs and lows
  • The truth of who you really are so you can create your miracles
  • and of course, lots of drumming, ceremony and surprises!

The next group is forming now, don’t be left behind. Don’t wait to change your life! 

 New to this type of work? You can get a feel for it by attending one of Dani’s Drumming Playshops, held about once a month. For a schedule, visit the website, or contact Dani any time with all your questions: (925) 354-3496 or  Visit our website at

Click here to learn more about Dani Burling, Corporate/Individual Coach & Shaman.




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