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They tell you stuff, but where is the change?

African drum copyHave you ever noticed that when you have a reading… they tell you stuff?

I guess I could do that too…just tell you stuff, but where is the CHANGE?

There MUST be an EXPERIENTIAL PIECE between your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and heart then there is a BRIDGE to YOUR ANSWER!!!! There must be that BRIDGE!

Have you ever took the steps to get something done and it went sooo easy and turned out better than you thought it ever would?

Then there are those times that you struggle to accomplish just one goal…

The difference is…your mind, heart and energy were in alignment with what you were striving for.

So many people that I see now make those BIG changes in their lives. They are those who are really dedicated to continuing to find answers to getting what they want.

There are many paths…but which one really gets you what you want?

Here are some ways you can immediately change what isn’t working for you NOW that is stressing you out because you can’t find the BRIDGE:


Shaman session 

New Shaman Workshop 

Drum Playshop 


I remember seeing an astrologer in my past who talked and talked to me about what they see in the stars and I left feeling like….”where do I go from here?”.  

If you want to know where to go from here, then I invite you to consider the next upcoming events because they ALL have an experiential process to journey you across the bridge to your answers.

They all literally change your body on a cellular level and your vibration on an energetic level which is EXACTLY what you need in order to stop stressing about your health, relationships and money! Nice science has finally proven that!

So my question to you is – “How are you the untouched drum? How is spirit not hearing your call and how can you more clearly send your call to spirit?” 

Here’s to YOU finding the answers you want now!



What Steps You Can Take for Your Success

Ever wonder what would happen if you adopted the SPECIFIC mindset and confidence skills used by the world’s most successful people?

Because if you have ever taken one step that you didn’t even expect to take and… your life CHANGED…you just need to refine those skills so you’re not always searching for success, but instead are living it!

It’s so funny because I feel that straddle of success too! It’s like my ego tells me to continue taking the same steps and expecting me to have a different result! (Yes, I still have conversations with my ego…I know it means well, but for sure it doesn’t know the steps to success!) I have a great story of one of my students who took such a step and her FINANCES CHANGED in today’s article plus the steps she took for her success.

Featured Results and Your Success Steps:


“I have always had this fear of making enough or not being enough and kept attracting situations where others let me down financially. Now, I have already manifested many very important things.  I have been paid what is owed to me! I learned the tools to recognize that my anxiety over this darn pattern of not feeling worthy of having everything I can dream of is purely my own trust issues, so I have learned the specific techniques from Dani on how to stay on my success path because I know I am a powerful manifestor, I just needed the tools!

Meghan G.
Sacramento, CA.
Sous Chef

This priceless wisdom has changed my life in these specific ways:

  • The check I was stressing over and waiting for is coming and it’s more than I had even anticipated.
  • Since there was so much interest in the jam I made at Dani’s Retreat and also from people who bought it last year, I will be making it and selling it again because it’s just too obvious of an opportunity to pass up.
  • I’m also in an amazing new relationship that is surprisingly easy as well!

There is so much more I could talk about and all are very cool and exciting things and I can’t wait to learn more!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support, Dani, and reminding me how powerful I am.”

Your Success STEPS:

 1. Start to see the pattern:

  • Meghan had to take a step off the path she was on because as you read, she saw there was a pattern – knowing this is the first step to discovering these success steps.

Answer this question to begin your 1st step:

  • How am I feeling about this situation that is not bringing me the success I want?
  • When have I felt these feelings in the past?
  • What have I done to change these feelings?
  • These are important questions that will definitely show you that you may be on the wrong path because you will start to see a pattern.


  1. See or hear experiences of others:
  • Meghan saw someone else go through these same steps that gave her the confidence to think “maybe…this could work”


  1. Experience the results yourself:
  • Meghan experienced a “shaman session” at a workshop and her knee pain (that was braced from twisting it), was gone. Yes, pain can be removed from the body as well.


  1. Are you the archetype of the Victim, Rescuer or Perpetrator?
  • Meghan realized she defaulted to victim
  • Then she went through the discovery process of what that creates in her life and who she attracts that plays into this game of the 3.
  • Which one do you default to? It will explain a lot!


  1. Start to find all the puzzle pieces for your success
  • From that workshop, she started to gain the tools to put her own puzzle pieces together. She realized how wrong the path was that she was on and how she had, many times, stepped off that path and created success.
  • She had to explore how her past situations were feeding into her current situations. I will help you figure that out at the workshop!


Hope these STEPS were helpful! And I hope to give you more STEPS at the next upcoming workshop!

Your fear stops your DNA in its tracks

I was thinking about my first shaman session and how he removed energy from a past life that was affecting my stomach and brought magic into my life…
If you’ve never had a shaman session, I’ve just been thinking about how my journey started so I thought I’d share with you what I experienced:

First of all, the energy in the room started swirling around and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I truly had no idea how my life was about to change.


I could tell by looking in his eyes that he knew things that were magical and joyful and dreamy.
He spoke words I had said to myself, but never spoke out loud. He smiled and seemed always to be one step ahead of me (if not more).

I laid down and he began shaking his rattle. At the time, I didn’t know what he was doing, but later I learned he was clearing my energy field and finding those dimensions that were holding me back from my goals, health, relationships and anything else he was tracking into.

I was in such a different state…deep inside myself – experiencing unknown feelings, sensations and releases.

He did what the shamans call a soul retrieval on me. Apparently, I had been a kahuna in a past life who was poisoned and died. peacock

The shaman removed the energy from my stomach area that was creating fearin my life and returned my divine soul part back to me. It had left me because of that event and had taken away the wholeness of my soul. He also returned to my energy field a divine gift and a power animal…which was a peacock (as most of you know).


All I can say is miracles happened after that…
  • Crazy, uncontrollable laugher that night- without even knowing that was the medicine of peacock until the next day! Along with the medicine of resurrection…(dying to the old way of being in my case)
  • New and amazing relationships and opportunities ended up right in front of me
  • Extreme coincidences in health through healing
  • 3 times I traveled to Peru and sat in ceremony at sacred sites with the shamans (Q’ero)
  • The leader of the Q’ero nation came to stay with me and teach the wisdom of the shaman with me
  • and this amazing journey 13 years later of sessions, workshops, retreats, drumming and this amazing community with you!

Just reminiscing brings a feeling of awe and to think, now I get to teach others how to do exactly what was done on me all those years ago…

Research shows that the fear in our cells prevent healing in our DNA. Is that crazy or what?

I want to know how to remove the fear from my DNA so I can heal

So I am excited to go back to my roots and offer sessions for 1 DAY ONLY in Benicia and I am gifting you $100 off!

I sell out pretty quick so call me as soon as you decide to take your life to the next level.

Here’s my number now if you are ready: 925 354-3496

See you in the magical realm of shaman healing.



3 Really Smart Techniques for You to Do Before Summer to Help You Jump Into the Beauty of Your Goals

Mother’s Day is upon us this month and it’s no coincidence that the celebration of the feminine is seeded in spring; the most fertile time of the year.

It’s so exciting to know that you have access to information that comes from a very powerful someplace other than the mind; that you chose to be here this lifetime to experience the path of stepping into the divine Happy Mother's Day (graphic)feminine energy of love, compassion and nurturing; especially for yourself.

In the last Masters Retreat, we were creating a deeper relationship with the elements of the feminine energy so we could connect with the call of spirit more fully in this time of Mother Earth blossoming all her beauty. Imagine being so connected to the earth that you could replicate her creation of the abundance of beauty in your life.

No matter where you are in your awareness, if everything is the call of spirit to guide you on the rainbow bridge to experience your dreams, how do you hold the divine feminine energy more fully to create quantum leaps on a consistent basis?

I’ve been getting lots of questions from both students and companies about how to overcome their situation from their “interpretation” of it. So in today’s article, I will cover the 3 techniques you can use this month to get a jump into the beauty that you want to create this summer.

Inspiring Your Success,



 Featured Article

3 Really Smart Techniques for You to Do Before Summer to Help You Jump Into the Beauty of Your Goals

By Dani Burling

Everything is coming to life after being dormant. The metaphor to consider here is where has there been dormancy in your life that is creating stress now, because those are your lessons and can be very challenging. There is fear, worry, body aches, uncertainty of the future and a mirage of emotions that are signaling you to grow!Pink Flower of Spring

On the other hand, there is certainty within this darkness (like winter), but you too can blossom into new awarenesses, insight and growth. The problem is, most people run from this valuable opportunity.

Lady not thinking outside the boxDo you want to know why they run? Because they don’t recognize that the directions to life are on the OUTSIDE OF THE BOX they have currently placed yourself in.

So what skills can you use now? Here’s my suggestions for you to grow and strengthen your ability to solidly create roots that develop the mastery of abundance inspired by the feminine energy.

Start using these 3 strategies this week and you’ll be happily surprised by how your situations will change for the better as you nurture and grow your seeds of beauty.


 1.      Always find a different perspective than the one that is triggering you

When a moment presents itself to you, it is your opportunity to sit in the stillness. What does this mean? Well, don’t instantly react first of all. In the stillness you can begin to see into the other dimensions around the situation you are confronted with. There is so much that your eyes and your mind cannot see with regard to each situation. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Why am I reacting? (Answer: “Because I feel                                  “)

This clue helps you start to see the emotions that are showing up for you; the darkness that wants to bloom the beauty by finding the gift.

  • Why are they reacting? (if someone else is involved) (Answer: “I made them feel                 ?)

If someone else is reacting, what button have you pushed in them. This will give you the answer you need to understand how you put them in story or they mirrored your energy. Then you can do your work physically, emotionally, energetically and mythically to grow something better.              

  • What is my relationship with                                     ? (money, my body, etc)

This insight is very important for you because your lessons can be shown to you in many forms. The weeds can appear or the beauty can grow. So if you are having money issues, perhaps journal what your feelings are about money (ex. “There is never enough”) and then relate them back to your situation. In most cases, your journaling about your relationship will show you exactly how you created your financial woes and how it is appearing as a mirror in other areas of your life that you didn’t even recognize before.

There are so many clues available for you to discover the truth of any situation. Implementing just this technique can stop a lot of drama for you. And, always remembering that “IT IS NEVER ABOUT THE SITUATION” will help.

 2.     Be in tune with the ripple that you are creating

So often we create a ripple of adverse energy out into the world and affect others and our goals. It can create job loss, relationship conflict at work and at home, health issues and an influence over others that is unhealthy and controlling. You want to be able to learn how to notice the ripple. Were you sending out the energy of love and acceptance, or judgment and blame. Love and acceptance will create blossoming of beauty; judgment and blame will create weeds and cause other areas of your life to be infested as well.

There are only 2 emotions: love and fear. This is such a simple understanding yet at times impossible to get a handle on. I suggest that you ask yourself the question below.  This will help you recognize the unfertile tilling you have been unconsciously undertaking.

So let’s work with an example, say someone is neglecting you. Ask these questions (and it should work for any situation):

  • Turn your thoughts about this person back to you and ask “How am I neglecting myself?”

That ripple of neglecting yourself has been sent out to the world to reflect it back for you to see! Not only can people neglect you, but jobs can, money can and your body can. So in order to correct the outside world, you will need to correct your inside world first.

3.     Recognize the ripple others are creating around you

On a side note, the person neglecting you is also creating a ripple of their own. Perhaps it is hiding, neglect of themselves, abusing their power….There could be so many possibilities, but working on you is the most important piece here.

If you are experiencing any type of ripple and you are being affected by it, there is definitely something for you to look at. The problem is most people look at the “neglect”, “lack of money” and so forth which will not get you out of the situation you are currently in. Remember it is never about the situation so my best advice would be to recognize if you are reacting to their ripple (and are others being affected). If others are being talked about or manipulated and you notice it, that is a ripple. It is easy to consciously or unconsciously manipulate or make others believe something. That is why there is so much judgment in the world today. If you are being affected, then you have gone into “story” (a remembrance of a past experience that you are still living in unconsciously). This story is literally haunting you and showing it to you in your life so you can grow your seeds of beauty instead. When you heal this lesson, “they” will either change or a new door of opportunities will present themselves in your life. Either way, you are exactly what is being reflected in your world so you are the only one who can change the situations around you.


Are you ready to make BIG changes in your life?

Feeling the energy ~ hands held out over a despachoDo you wish you you could make changes to your world but don’t know how, or where to start?  Have you ever wondered what influences your day-to-day life, and where did it come from?  If you are ready for BIG changes to happen in your life (and you have to be truly ready), you have only to attend Dani Burling’s 4-Day Medicine Wheel Retreat. She teaches these one-of-a-kind, life-changing events every few months. There are actually four 4-day medicine wheel retreats, taught over the course of a year.  They are spread out to help your mind and body adjust over time to the changes you are making in your life. To find out when the next one starts, click here. These scientifically-proven methods will improve your health, finances, relationships, job and future. Guaranteed! 

Are you supposed to be a part of this group?  If so, these are the kinds of things you will learn:

  • How to clear the energy field and the chakras so you align with your goals
  • How to “track” the answers you need that are beyond your mind
  • What the lesson of your soul is that will stop your emotional highs and lows
  • The truth of who you really are so you can create your miracles
  • and of course, lots of drumming, ceremony and surprises!

The next group is forming now, don’t be left behind. Don’t wait to change your life! 

 New to this type of work? You can get a feel for it by attending one of Dani’s Drumming Playshops, held about once a month. For a schedule, visit the website, or contact Dani any time with all your questions: (925) 354-3496 or  Visit our website at

Click here to learn more about Dani Burling, Corporate/Individual Coach & Shaman.




Meet Dani Burling!

Meet Dani in this 3-minute video as she talks about her upcoming class, “Clearing & Blessing Sacred Spaces”.  This unique class event teaches you how to clear your home, office or other location of heavy or negative energy. Dani talks a little about how she’ll walk you through balancing the energy of a location, and some detailed accounts of clients who have done this for their own location.  CLICK HERE, or the image below to open the video.

Dani Burling - VIDEO

Note: Clearing & Blessing Spaces is NOT a normally scheduled class (usually about every 6 months). Please check the website calendar or call or email Dani at (925) 354-3496 or

HOW to make change in yourself and your surroundings

Tools of the trade ~ items from my shaman store to help heal yourselfWe all have signs that we need to change something in our lives. Whether it is health or relationship issues, conflict, anxiety, depression, lack of money or loss, situations come up to show you that these are just opportunities for you to find your answers.  If you don’t pay attention to that opportunity, how can you change your situation? 

I teach the skills of recognizing the opportunities and what to do when you do. To do this, I am accessing other dimensions, but you can also experience for yourself how the shaman accesses healing for you on the physical, emotional, energetic and gets the mind on board so your brain and heart are on the same page! Imagine that…having all parts of you working together instead of in battle with each other!

Click here to learn more about accessing personal healing powers!

In addition to being able to change yourself, did you know that the energy  of your home or business holds the energy of your emotions?  There is a 7-step process to clear the anger, sadness, Feeling the energy ~ hands held out over a despachorage, fear, resentment, judgment, guilt, etc. that you think or speak so your environment (the actual building!) can be perfectly balanced. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, you may have a hard time accomplishing what you need to in your day. For instance, have you ever had an uplifting experience about a problem or issue you were having, and then later, when returning to your home, or work or other place, the sadness or anger returned? I can teach you how to cleanse that location of those lingering negative emotions!

Click here to learn more about Clearing Spaces!

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Who IS Dani Burling?

Dani Burling, owner of Your Sacred Destiny, is a Corporate Communication Coach. She offers highly customized interactive programs for team building, productivity and leadership. These are not random workshops, but fun and insightful experiences that reduce stress and helps individuals overcome conflict. Whether you are a business, hospital or corporation, everyone gets involved for high energy teamwork to experience the heartbeat of their organization. She brings her 20 years of training insight into your organization to powerfully integrate team building, sales, productivity, motivation and leadership.

Dani BurlingSeldom is there time in the ‘busyness’ of daily corporate activity to focus on the human component that is the essential driving force behind the success of the corporate mission. Your Sacred Destiny is not an ordinary run of the mill company, nor is Dani Burling just some random Coach. She is on the frontier of science in taking an outside-of the-box approach to employee efficiency by reestablishing the pulse of the company (thereby relieving staff and management stressors).Dani has studied extensively searching for her answers to success. She brings proven techniques that hold scientific research so you don’t have to reinvent the success wheel.

She helps your company find the answers that are priceless in bringing together your group to achieve everyone’s desired success!


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Recognize how you also may have Santa’s abilities!

Dani's ornamants
Do you have those special items that you just love when you unpack to decorate for the holidays? This picture is one of my most valuable treasures made by one of the most influential people in my life; an angel in every right.

Santa wanted to wear my Q’ero (shaman) hat!   But before we talk about the amazing similarities between Santa and the Shaman…

What about a Shaman Session for the Holidays?  I will be in Pleasant Hill December 22 and December 28. Schedule a time or purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE for you, your family or friends. 

Okay, now can you imagine where the magic came from that Mr. Kringle is capable of?  How similar are their abilities?   Well, before we begin on this long winter’s night, I invite you to recognize how you also may have these abilities…

They both:

  • Communicate with ANIMALS
  • Are experts in creating the GIFTS
  • Like to SOAR
  • Send JOY to the world (ho ho ho)
  • Live in the HIGHEST PEAKS
  • Enjoy creating in the “SILENT” nights
  • “You would even say they GLOW
  • Use jingle BELLS
  • Are always “DREAMING” (of a White Christmas)
  • Love the HOLY nights and the STARS that are brightly shining…

If you want to begin your 2014 with the best energy ever, I will be scheduling sessions Dec 22th and Dec 28th in Pleasant Hill.

Email me for the best times for you, your family and friends, or to purchase a gift certificate.

May your holidays be filled with the gifts of your soul! 


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How Gratitude Brings You MORE

Don’t you just love fall!  To see the fall leaves swirl around in the wind, the upcoming holidays can feel like the blur of the leaves tossed in a whirlwind and it is so easy to not see where you are going and miss the beauty you are surrounded by.

As you catch glimpses of the golds, reds, oranges, and pine greens, remember that this time of year is about being grateful for what you have created in your world… like the autumn colors….Fall Foliage Autumn Leaves

Here’s a tip for the holidays:

  • What does gratitude look like to you?

When you can see it and feel it, you open the most beautiful door that leads to your dreams!

I invite you to either journal your vision of gratitude or create an altar of gratitude. This is the language of the soul and how you communicate with spirit in order to bring more joy, more prosperity and more love into your life.

I understand that this time of year can be really stressful so join me for one of my workshops and learn additional techniques to support you through this holiday season, designed just for your convenience.  To view what’s coming up, please view my website’s home page or calendar.

Every holiday season prepares you for the coming year. This season, give thanks for seeing through the whirlwind and embracing your inner autumn colors.

Giving thanks to you!

Dani Burling  
In Love & Success,

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