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You are EACH face that trick-or-treats at your door!

It’s so exciting to know that the little trick or treat’ers are almost here! 

Isn’t it fun to see all the costumes like the ladybugs, fairies, ghosts, pumpkins and scary faces? They’re almost upon us!

Kids dressed for Halloween

How are you each face that comes to your door on Halloween?

The shaman is the master of the light and the shadow within. To recognize all parts of the self, allows us to be able to understand others because we have walked in their footsteps (have seen them in ourselves). Oh, that could be scary if you’re thinking of all those costumes!

The shaman recognizes that their light ripples out to the world as well as their shadow.

So here are a few questions you can ask yourself if you want to see a different reflection in your life. By seeing those ghouly faces that Halloween brings in the mirror, you can see those parts of you that your body is in pain over:

  • How do you hide or are not seen by your body or others?
  • What is it that causes you to be scared and how does your body respond?
  • What is it that causes you to be scary?
  • What have you not let go of (or died to) that won’t let your body heal and causes the “zombie body”?

 Happy Halloween!


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What You Can Do About the 2013 Government Shutdown

Government ShutdownAre you contributing to the government shut down?  What can you do about it? Here are 4 questions to ask yourself.

The world reflects our light and our shadow. What we see then becomes only a mirror of ourselves. The shaman is the master of the light and the shadow. To recognize all parts of the self, allows us to be able to understand others because we have walked in their footsteps (have seen them in ourselves).

With the government shut down, BART threatening to strike, and health issues, the shaman looks at how is this me?

The shaman recognizes that their light ripples out to the world as well as their shadow. English: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) logo

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself if you want to see a different reflection in your life by turning what is happening in the world around:

How do I shut others out? (government issues)

How do I manipulate and collude with others to take someone down? (government issues)

How do I threaten to strike or leave? (BART)

How are these thoughts affecting my body? (health)

I hope you found these questions valuable to you so you can be the most accepting of yourself, those around you, and the world at hand.



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The Fires in CA & the Fires in You!

The Retreat Center in Sonora is safe with the fire being more and more contained every day. I have been a part of the community meetings with the Sheriff’s Department; Cal Fire and Forest Service. Everyone here is calm and so supportive of all the efforts. They truly are angels in our lives!  

  Tuolumne County  
Location: 3 miles east of Groveland along Hwy 120  
Acres Burned – Containment: 187,466 acres – 23% contained 
Structures Threatened: 5,506 (4,500 residences, 1,000 outbuildings, 6 commercial)  

Information from 

I think about how the fire is me:  

How do I burn and destroy with my rage?  

How does my fire grow out of control and injure others?  

How do I destroy my nature? 


Mother Earth, Pachamama does not discriminate, is in need of nothing and always finds a way to create balance.

How are we a part of her needing balance?

The answers you will discover will be beyond anything you have ever experienced before. I guarantee it!

I remember a student who decided not to come to the 1st retreat because she needed eye surgery badly because her eyes were so dry. One day she called and said, “Dani, I think I need to be at the class because my life needs to change”. She came with dry eyes. She wore sunglasses the first day and needed the blinds closed to protect her eyes. The 2nd day she didn’t wear her sunglasses and the 3rd day we could open the blinds. After the Retreat, she no longer has dry eyes; no longer has pain from her previous hip surgery and is 70 years old with a new understanding for life; herself and others.  

She is now in Thailand enjoying spending the money she worked so hard for and never wanted to spend in the past. She is so wise and gifted and full of insight of the life she had lived in “story” and how it caused her suffering and how now she chooses to suffer no more.

The South Retreat is still only 2 days away. The hummingbirds, deer, quail, condors, squirrels, doves, turkeys, woodpeckers and so many more are awaiting for the students arrival in order for them to bring their messages of how to create something different; something magical; in a community that you will grow to love and cherish on this amazing journey of finding one’s path to your sacred destiny!

How Do You Go Deeper into Being the Creator that You Know You Are?

There is a place between awake and asleep where you can learn how to access the creator of prosperity within you.

 * To begin to stop amplifying what you don’t want, you need to discover the reason why you are here.

 * You have a story that feeds your in ability to create momentum towards what you want. What is YOUR story? (ex: life is hard, I can make money, but then I lose the money, I always attract unavailable men/women) 

 * This story, if not uncovered, forever causes patterns and situations in your


 * Once you know your story, you can easily walk your path living life to its fullest

 See the results from my students here. Click for testimony page. 


How to Cleanse and Bless Your Home & Business

As Pachamama, Mother Earth, cleanses her grounds with the beautiful rain, I’m reminded that it’s important for each of us to cleanse ourselves, our homes and businesses too.

I just completed teaching the West Retreat “Gathering Your Abundant Gifts” where my students and I discovered several techniques to cleanse and clear the energy around us.

Did you know that everything you bring into your home comes with an energy?  I’m reminded of the book “Like Water for Chocolate” where three tears from a broken hearted girl fall into the wedding cake batter which made everyone sick. 

It made me think, what kind of energy am I bringing to my family & friends when I give them gifts for this holiday season?  I want to properly cleanse and then powerful charge each gift with the true loving energy I intend to give them.

Below you’ll discover 3 easy techniques to cleanse the energy of your home, business and the gifts you give this holiday season

Sage: Breaks up negative energy that we send out when we feel or speak our problems. (So there is A LOT out there!)

Palo Sato: Is sacred wood from the Amazon. It purifies and creates a positive energy flow in the body, home or business and is more powerful than sage, but used in conjunction. It allows your life to become unstuck and move forward.

Shaman Spray: Is a unique formula created by Dani Burling that relieves nervous irritability; releases energy of anger, tension, stress, imbalances and restlessness. This spray works on a different level than sage and Palo Santo and also affects multiple dimensions of reality. In the Medicine Wheel, Unveiling Your Path to Success, you will experience the shifts that this formula can create in your life.

Click here to purchase these items through the Shamanic Store

Your Sacred Destiny’s New Retreat Center

How do you know you are being guided by spirit? Well, I went looking for a new retreat center in the mountains. Specifically, at the top of the mountain, with a pool and jacuzzi for my students; large enough to hold a classroom; entertaining and with bedrooms for lodging!

The first day I showed up in the town I as given this magazine.

Only 2 days before I left for Peru the location for the new retreat center was given to me by spirit through this message.

Check out Your Sacred Destiny’s New Retreat Center!

Enjoy your early morning and evenings floating in the pool or soaking in the jacuzzi.


Imagine doing your practices while being held by Pachamama -Mother Earth


When Spirit calls, are YOU answering?


How Does One Create Success?

Get Out of Your Head!

That’s not how you create YOUR success…

YOUR FIRST key to create success in any area of your life is to:

Discover the 4 ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS – that I give you below – this is YOUR answer!

Sometimes we have amazing accomplishments….but then our mind sends us back into the struggle. The ANSWER is to bypass the mind!

I teach the MOST POWERFUL way to Create Success by using the System of the Shaman.

1. See it –

What’s the pattern you’re currently creating (no money, not enough time, unhealthy relationships) ?

2. Experience it –

Feeling the feelings that this is creating for you (fear, anger, hurt

3. Shift it – 

Energetically move the energy, preferably through an Illumination

4. Understand it – 

What’s the gift that you receive from this old experience (self love, inner confidence, inner peace)  

By bypassing the mind when you do healing work, it is essential to allow your shift to affect your physical world! This includes: journaling, creating sand trays, and before-and-after altars.

You Can Make This Your Best Year Ever!

 Break Free of what is blocking your success!  You Can Do It !

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New Year’s Success Made Easy For You!



Clearing & Blessing Your Sacred Space

Sharing Holiday Greetings!