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They tell you stuff, but where is the change?

Have you ever noticed that when you have a reading… they tell you stuff? I guess I could do that too…just tell you stuff, but where is the CHANGE? There MUST be an EXPERIENTIAL PIECE between your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and heart then there is a BRIDGE to YOUR ANSWER!!!! There must be that BRIDGE! Have you […]

What Steps You Can Take for Your Success

Ever wonder what would happen if you adopted the SPECIFIC mindset and confidence skills used by the world’s most successful people? Because if you have ever taken one step that you didn’t even expect to take and… your life CHANGED…you just need to refine those skills so you’re not always searching for success, but instead […]

Your fear stops your DNA in its tracks

I was thinking about my first shaman session and how he removed energy from a past life that was affecting my stomach and brought magic into my life…    If you’ve never had a shaman session, I’ve just been thinking about how my journey started so I thought I’d share with you what I experienced: […]

3 Really Smart Techniques for You to Do Before Summer to Help You Jump Into the Beauty of Your Goals

Mother’s Day is upon us this month and it’s no coincidence that the celebration of the feminine is seeded in spring; the most fertile time of the year. It’s so exciting to know that you have access to information that comes from a very powerful someplace other than the mind; that you chose to be here this lifetime […]

What You Can Do About the 2013 Government Shutdown

Are you contributing to the government shut down?  What can you do about it? Here are 4 questions to ask yourself. The world reflects our light and our shadow. What we see then becomes only a mirror of ourselves. The shaman is the master of the light and the shadow. To recognize all parts of […]

The Fires in CA & the Fires in You!

The Retreat Center in Sonora is safe with the fire being more and more contained every day. I have been a part of the community meetings with the Sheriff’s Department; Cal Fire and Forest Service. Everyone here is calm and so supportive of all the efforts. They truly are angels in our lives!     […]

How Do You Go Deeper into Being the Creator that You Know You Are?

There is a place between awake and asleep where you can learn how to access the creator of prosperity within you.  * To begin to stop amplifying what you don’t want, you need to discover the reason why you are here.  * You have a story that feeds your in ability to create momentum towards what you […]

How to Cleanse and Bless Your Home & Business

As Pachamama, Mother Earth, cleanses her grounds with the beautiful rain, I’m reminded that it’s important for each of us to cleanse ourselves, our homes and businesses too. I just completed teaching the West Retreat “Gathering Your Abundant Gifts” where my students and I discovered several techniques to cleanse and clear the energy around us. […]

Your Sacred Destiny’s New Retreat Center

How do you know you are being guided by spirit? Well, I went looking for a new retreat center in the mountains. Specifically, at the top of the mountain, with a pool and jacuzzi for my students; large enough to hold a classroom; entertaining and with bedrooms for lodging! The first day I showed up […]

How Does One Create Success?

Get Out of Your Head! That’s not how you create YOUR success… YOUR FIRST key to create success in any area of your life is to: Discover the 4 ELEMENTS OF SUCCESS – that I give you below – this is YOUR answer! Sometimes we have amazing accomplishments….but then our mind sends us back into […]