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Recognize how you also may have Santa’s abilities!

Do you have those special items that you just love when you unpack to decorate for the holidays? This picture is one of my most valuable treasures made by one of the most influential people in my life; an angel in every right. Santa wanted to wear my Q’ero (shaman) hat!   But before we talk about […]

How Gratitude Brings You MORE

Don’t you just love fall!  To see the fall leaves swirl around in the wind, the upcoming holidays can feel like the blur of the leaves tossed in a whirlwind and it is so easy to not see where you are going and miss the beauty you are surrounded by. As you catch glimpses of the […]

You are EACH face that trick-or-treats at your door!

It’s so exciting to know that the little trick or treat’ers are almost here!  Isn’t it fun to see all the costumes like the ladybugs, fairies, ghosts, pumpkins and scary faces? They’re almost upon us! How are you each face that comes to your door on Halloween? The shaman is the master of the light […]

New Year’s Success Made Easy For You!


Sharing Holiday Greetings!