Your Sacred Destiny

Clearing Space

Did you know that the energy  of your home or business holds the energy of your emotions?

Imagine how it would feel to have the energy of your home or business perfectly balanced so you can confidently and authentically create the life you desire regardless of any situation you may find yourself in.  What if I were to tell you this is within your reach? And once you’ve done that, you can be at peace while you never again allow “negative energy” to get in the way of creating YOUR dreams.


This is what we’ll be working on in my highly sought after workshop: Clearing and Blessing Your Sacred Space — The Ultimate Shamanic Balancing for Your Home and Business!  You may have heard me share the Wisdom of the Shaman regarding other clearing and balancing issues. The Shaman techniques take the average clearing many steps further — I’m going to walkyou through the exact process on how you can clear any location and learn:

There is a 7 step process to clear the anger, sadness, rage, resentment, fear, judgment, guilt, etc. that you think or speak so your environment can be perfectly balanced. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, you may have a hard time accomplishing what you need to in your day.  There are ancient techniques that most do not use that can make your home life more loving and your business more prosperous! This is what we’ll be working on TOGETHER in this EXPERIENTIALLY revealing class!  

  • 5 Separate Techniques to Efficiently Clear a Building of Heavy Energy
  • Details on Balancing the Energy of a Location
  • Deeper Skills on Spirit Releasement
  • Blessing Details on Creating despachos
  • In Depth Participation in Both Ceremonies

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