Your Sacred Destiny

DVD Clearing & Blessing Your Sacred Space

Imagine how it would feel to have the energy of your home or business perfectly balanced (as you are) so you can confidently and authentically create the life you desire regardless of the situation you may find yourself in.

(Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?)     

What if I were to tell you this is within your reach? In fact, it’s as easy as putting a few simple proven techniques in place for you to hold in your medicine bag.

And once you’ve done that, you can be at peace while you never again allow “negative energy” to get in the way of creating YOUR dreams.

This is what we’ll be working on TOGETHER in my HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER Clearing and Blessing Your Sacred Space — The Ultimate Shamanic Balancing for Your Home and Business!

This is NOT a regularly scheduled class so you won’t want to miss it!


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You may have heard me share the Wisdom of the Shaman regarding specific space clearing techniques and how you use them in your home or business. The Shamanic techniques take the average clearing many steps further — I’m going to walk you through the exact process on how you can clear any location and learn:


  • 5 Separate Techniques to Efficiently Clear a Building of Heavy Energy (so YOUR space thrives)
  • Details on Balancing the Energy of a Location (so YOU have the ease of  success in every area of your life)
  • Deep Skills on Releasing Other’s Energy
  • Blessing Details on Creating despachos so your dreams are manifested (prayer bundles)
  • In Depth Participation in Both Ceremonies

 Don’t miss out on these priceless techniques that add to YOUR wealth of wisdom!




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There is More JOY and Prosperity

Rubia Salon

My Salon/Spa used to be so serious with a lot of
drama.  The day after Dani’s Clearing and Blessing, there was so much laughter.
I was shocked and thankful!

The atmosphere is lighter and there is more flow of clients and products are selling!

Danny and Lisa Senn
Rubia Salon and Spa
Brentwood, CA

Atzimba & Geoff Mires“Everything magically fell into place. The money, the studio and the students instantly came. 

I was supported everywhere because of these tools and techniques!”

 Geoff & Atzimba Mires

Mires Martial Arts 


 I look forward to being in community with you!

  Dani -May2011In Love & Success,

Dani Burling

P.S. Take Your Medicine to Another Dimension and Learn to change the Energy of Space to create success for your home or business.

P.S.S.  There is limited space in this location and many already signed up so reserve your seat now and expand your ability to be free of the energy that is holding you back from creating your dreams.

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