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How Gratitude Brings You MORE

Don’t you just love fall!  To see the fall leaves swirl around in the wind, the upcoming holidays can feel like the blur of the leaves tossed in a whirlwind and it is so easy to not see where you are going and miss the beauty you are surrounded by.

As you catch glimpses of the golds, reds, oranges, and pine greens, remember that this time of year is about being grateful for what you have created in your world… like the autumn colors….Fall Foliage Autumn Leaves

Here’s a tip for the holidays:

  • What does gratitude look like to you?

When you can see it and feel it, you open the most beautiful door that leads to your dreams!

I invite you to either journal your vision of gratitude or create an altar of gratitude. This is the language of the soul and how you communicate with spirit in order to bring more joy, more prosperity and more love into your life.

I understand that this time of year can be really stressful so join me for one of my workshops and learn additional techniques to support you through this holiday season, designed just for your convenience.  To view what’s coming up, please view my website’s home page or calendar.

Every holiday season prepares you for the coming year. This season, give thanks for seeing through the whirlwind and embracing your inner autumn colors.

Giving thanks to you!

Dani Burling  
In Love & Success,

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