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How to Cleanse and Bless Your Home & Business

As Pachamama, Mother Earth, cleanses her grounds with the beautiful rain, I’m reminded that it’s important for each of us to cleanse ourselves, our homes and businesses too.

I just completed teaching the West Retreat “Gathering Your Abundant Gifts” where my students and I discovered several techniques to cleanse and clear the energy around us.

Did you know that everything you bring into your home comes with an energy?  I’m reminded of the book “Like Water for Chocolate” where three tears from a broken hearted girl fall into the wedding cake batter which made everyone sick. 

It made me think, what kind of energy am I bringing to my family & friends when I give them gifts for this holiday season?  I want to properly cleanse and then powerful charge each gift with the true loving energy I intend to give them.

Below you’ll discover 3 easy techniques to cleanse the energy of your home, business and the gifts you give this holiday season

Sage: Breaks up negative energy that we send out when we feel or speak our problems. (So there is A LOT out there!)

Palo Sato: Is sacred wood from the Amazon. It purifies and creates a positive energy flow in the body, home or business and is more powerful than sage, but used in conjunction. It allows your life to become unstuck and move forward.

Shaman Spray: Is a unique formula created by Dani Burling that relieves nervous irritability; releases energy of anger, tension, stress, imbalances and restlessness. This spray works on a different level than sage and Palo Santo and also affects multiple dimensions of reality. In the Medicine Wheel, Unveiling Your Path to Success, you will experience the shifts that this formula can create in your life.

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