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HOW to make change in yourself and your surroundings

Tools of the trade ~ items from my shaman store to help heal yourselfWe all have signs that we need to change something in our lives. Whether it is health or relationship issues, conflict, anxiety, depression, lack of money or loss, situations come up to show you that these are just opportunities for you to find your answers.  If you don’t pay attention to that opportunity, how can you change your situation? 

I teach the skills of recognizing the opportunities and what to do when you do. To do this, I am accessing other dimensions, but you can also experience for yourself how the shaman accesses healing for you on the physical, emotional, energetic and gets the mind on board so your brain and heart are on the same page! Imagine that…having all parts of you working together instead of in battle with each other!

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In addition to being able to change yourself, did you know that the energy  of your home or business holds the energy of your emotions?  There is a 7-step process to clear the anger, sadness, Feeling the energy ~ hands held out over a despachorage, fear, resentment, judgment, guilt, etc. that you think or speak so your environment (the actual building!) can be perfectly balanced. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, you may have a hard time accomplishing what you need to in your day. For instance, have you ever had an uplifting experience about a problem or issue you were having, and then later, when returning to your home, or work or other place, the sadness or anger returned? I can teach you how to cleanse that location of those lingering negative emotions!

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