Your Sacred Destiny

Logistics: Masters~Dreaming the World into Being

I am anxiously awaiting your arrival!

You have stepped onto a new and exciting path that will change every area of your life!

Your Master skills include learning:

Students giving rites

Students giving rites

* How yourBands of Power and Archetypes work together to influence your world

* How to work with the Forces of Nature within YOU to fully own your gifts to see more reflection in your world

* To understand the World of Sorcery so the impact of karma is lessened

* To discover how you unconsciously dance in and out of balance with every archetype of spirit so you can deepen your relationship with all that is

* Experience the physical manifestation of your sandpaintings so your ego understands the shifts

* To embody the energy of the Pakarinasenergies of nature

* Learn how to give the Rites in the Quechua language and form!


Dreaming Your World Into Being 

October 8-11, 2015

Because this work is like no other, I want you to know that your reality may already be showing you what needs to change or is changing already.

Whether you are experiencing abundance of all that is good or abundance of all that is confusing, know that your soul is excited as your ego may be fighting because you will be finding answers in ways you may never have imagined!

The excitement is building as we prepare for your transformation that you will leave this class with on Sunday!

What to Bring:

  • Bring all your Shaman tools
  • Blanket for hanging outside
  • Massage Table
  • Bring a Drum or instrument of your choice

Time & Location:

We will see you Thursday, October 8th at 8:15 am for registration

Hours: (these are approximate times)

Thursday-Saturday – 9am-6pm

Sunday 9am-5pm


Lunch: Your Choice – in or out

Dinner:  Your choice – in or out.

Friday is our night to coordinate a meal and all commune together for dinner so please bring food to share. 

Location: TBD

Retreat Phone #: 925 354 3496

Inspiring Your Success
Dani Burling 

Retreat Phone #: (209) 694-0271


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