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We are anxiously awaiting your arrival!

You have stepped onto a new and exciting path that will change every area of your life!

Are you feeling the great emotional change within that is blinding your path?

Is it time to take your work to the level of the Universe to step out of your box and assist the vibration that is coming?


How do we work as the Master Shaman and envision the coming change?
What does it look like to work with Pachamama on the level of the Universe?

How do you find the answers within all her relations?

Learn how to step into the New Age by reconnecting with the land so the head reconnects with the body (heart).

Because this work is like no other, I want you to know that your reality may already be showing you what needs to change or is changing already.

Whether you are experiencing abundance of all that is good or abundance of all that is confusing, know that your soul is excited as your ego may be fighting because you will be finding answers in ways you may never have imagined!

The excitement is building as we prepare for your transformation that you will leave this Retreat with on Sunday!


Here is What You Will Need:

Most items below are available online and have them available for you when you arrive for your first day of the Retreat.


  • Bring all your Shaman tools
  • We will be shapeshifting into archetype monologs on Sunday so please start to allow the shadow and light of a specific archetype who calls you to share its wisdom begin to inform you!
  • Bring a special item(s) for a despacho that we will create together as a community on Sunday.
  • Blanket for hanging outside
  • Massage Table
  • Bring a drum



January 21-24, 2016

Hours: (these are approximate times)

Thursday -Sunday 10am-5pm

Lunch: You may bring food to prepare, eat and/or share for lunches.

Dinner: are your choice – in or out.

Friday is our day to all commune together for dinner so please bring food to share.

Location: TBD

In Love & Success,

Dani Burling
(925) 354.3496 cell


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