Your Sacred Destiny

Logistics for Master Stepping Into Your Destiny

You have come so far and now have the opportunity to truly step into the knowingness of this sacred work.

The doors of dimensions have been opened and now is the time to master your skills within those dimensions.

Your shifts will happen gently and profoundly in the Mastery Retreats so you can be the life you are wanting.

You Will Learn:

  • How to create ceremony
  • Bringing the Apus into your mesa
  • Blending Tarot and Archetypes
  • Meaning of the chacana
  • Mythic Drawing
  • Balancing the Masculine and Feminine through ceremony
  • Deeper journey to Upper World
  • Tracking your Archetypes
  • Receive 8th Rite – Mosiaq – Starkeeper
  • Receive 9th Rite – Titanchi – Creator
  • Underworld extractions
  • Destiny Retrieval
  • 3 wishes

So You Can Have:

  • Greater understanding of how to bring sacredness into your life – where all manifesting takes place from
  • Knowingness into the depths of other dimensions to be able to find your answers easily
  • Deeper connection with the divine within in order to live in peace and create more consciously
  • Success in ways only grasped through the unknowable!

Stepping into Your Destiny


Here is What You Will Need:

Most items below are available either online or we will have them available for you when you arrive for your first day of class.

(online: Shaman Store )

  • Bring your mesa and all Shamanic tools.
  • Friday Night : . You are invited to bring some food to share with Dani, your assistants and your fellow classmates.
  • Massage Table
  • Blanket for hanging outside

Dates:  August 1-2nd, 2015 (this is retreat one of two; the second retreat is TBD)

We will see you Thursday at 8:15 am for registration

Hours: (these are approximate times)

Saturday 9am-7pm
Sunday 9-5pm

Lunch: You may bring food to prepare, eat and/or share for lunches.

Dinner:  Your choice – in or out.

Friday is our day to all commune together for dinner so please bring food to share.

Location: TBD

Retreat Phone #: 925 354 3496



Inspiring Your Success,

Dani Burling
925.354.3496 Cell
209 694-0271 Retreat


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