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Sacred Journeys - Peru at Sacred Pathways
Ancient site of Machu Picchu

 Summer of 2014 Journey to Peru – July 20 – 30

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flyer for 2014 trip to Peru



Summer 2013 Journeys to Peru: This event has already occurred. We left the information up for you to see what the trip’s itinerary can be like. 

Cusco, the Sacred Valley Journey, and Machu Picchu ~ July 21 to 31, 2013

 Weaving the Energy of the Andes July 31-August 5, 2013

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Join us in Peru –a land of living energy, where the mountains soar over 20,000 feet, where the condors fly and stones speak.

This journey of transformation will deepen your personal medicine as you:

*Share in Ceremony with the Q-ero Shaman

*Receive the Great Rites in the traditional land

*Learn the energy medicine of Despacho

*Visit ancient sites and Sacred Mountains, including Machu Picchu

*Vision through Ceremonial Fires and Dreamtime

The Sacred Mountains of Peru are calling.
Join us for this beautiful and life changing Journey

Your Guides

Wake & Kinlen Wheeler create a journey of depth and authenticity, leading groups in Peru, Europe and Mexico.

They are known for their ability to:

  • Weave spiritual experience with participants, local shaman, and native people.
  • Create ceremony in world class, as well as, intimate, rustic sites.
  • Support each individual’s personal pathway of growth and enrichment.

Much Love & Blessings,

Wake, Kinlen, and Dani

Contact Kinlen: /541.915.9237

Summer 2012 Journeys to Peru: This event has already occurred. We left the information up for you to see what the trip’s itinerary can be like. Go to our Photos page to view photos from this trip!

     Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu Journey, August 4-14, 2012  

* Special Guests:  Musician – Charley Thweatt and Shamanic Trainer -Dani Burling                         

     Umantay and Salkantay Mountain Expedition:  August 14-20, 2012

* Special Guest:  Dani Burling    


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Peru Journeys Itinerary pdf   

Peru is a mystical land, with the inheritance of the Inca and pre-Inca cultures, and their amazing architecture. It is the home of the Q’ero shaman who live at 17,000 ft.  They are a link to our heritage as indigenous souls. They are the keepers of a wisdom that only now is able to be brought forth and utilized to help our planet and consciousness evolve to a new awareness and harmony.  Machu Picchu, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, awaits you on the Sacred Valley Journey.

Your journey will begin long before you take your seat on the plane.  You may find yourself dreaming, receiving visions and messages, as soon as you make the decision to come.  

Peru’s Sacred Valley holds the sweet energy of Pachamama (Mother Earth in Quechua).  You will feel her embrace as soon as you land.  She will hold your footsteps steady as you get used to the altitude. And wrap you in community and an internal sense of family.  

You will be greeted by the Q’ero shaman of the high Andes, you will offer ceremony on the Sacred Sites of the Inca, you will visit the bustling markets, the weaving communities, and eat the pure foods of this simple farming land.

This year we are called to Salkantay, the Steward Mountain of Machu Picchu.  Salka in Quechua means unrestrained, and we will work with the enrgy of Salka with her.  On the Mountain Expeditions you will walk the mountain, offer ceremony with the Q’ero shaman, and get to know the mountain’s energy and medicine personally.  Many have felt their own medicine grow during the Mountain Expeditions, and been able to access the Mountain’s Spirit long after their visit.  

Wake and Kinlen have been leading sacred journeys to Peru for the past 8 years.  Known for their supportive facilitation, intimate knowing of the sites, as well as the energy medicine of the Andes.  They invite you to join the circle going to Peru in 2012.  

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Nusta Rites

Salkantay Mountain

Receiving Rites from Don Francisco, Peru

Nusta Fountain, Ollantaytambo

Ausangate Mountain

Machu Picchu punku or gateway

Despacho Ceremony

On the trail, Choquequirao


Ceremony at Choquequiaro

Urubamba River, Sacred Valley, Peru

Don Francisco on Huayna Picchu