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Recognize how you also may have Santa’s abilities!

Dani's ornamants
Do you have those special items that you just love when you unpack to decorate for the holidays? This picture is one of my most valuable treasures made by one of the most influential people in my life; an angel in every right.

Santa wanted to wear my Q’ero (shaman) hat!   But before we talk about the amazing similarities between Santa and the Shaman…

What about a Shaman Session for the Holidays?  I will be in Pleasant Hill December 22 and December 28. Schedule a time or purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE for you, your family or friends. 

Okay, now can you imagine where the magic came from that Mr. Kringle is capable of?  How similar are their abilities?   Well, before we begin on this long winter’s night, I invite you to recognize how you also may have these abilities…

They both:

  • Communicate with ANIMALS
  • Are experts in creating the GIFTS
  • Like to SOAR
  • Send JOY to the world (ho ho ho)
  • Live in the HIGHEST PEAKS
  • Enjoy creating in the “SILENT” nights
  • “You would even say they GLOW
  • Use jingle BELLS
  • Are always “DREAMING” (of a White Christmas)
  • Love the HOLY nights and the STARS that are brightly shining…

If you want to begin your 2014 with the best energy ever, I will be scheduling sessions Dec 22th and Dec 28th in Pleasant Hill.

Email me for the best times for you, your family and friends, or to purchase a gift certificate.

May your holidays be filled with the gifts of your soul! 


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