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Retake North

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Is it Time to Deepen Your Joy and Prosperity?



Imagine absorbing

the Wisdom of the North

 from the place you NOW sit!



Do you remember the dreams of the North:

  • Become the teacher
  • Break free from the grip of time
  • Clear those pieces that make you visible
  • Live in darma, not karma – so there is no ripple created
  • Manifest from the place of stillness
  • Remembrance of your past lives
  • Access the momentum tunnel
  • Shapeshift through the divine and through the archetypical states
  • Journey to the 5 Levels of the Upper World
  • Reclaim all the parts you have lost through Soul Retrieval
  • Receive the 5th Rite, the Wisdomkeeper, Altomesayoq, the Healed Masculine Energy


Wow! What an amazing direction!

You can attend for only $197!

(For a limited time only, prices go up Sept 1, 2012)

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February 6-9 , 2014

Did you Play Full-Out Last Time?



You Can Have it All!

Revisit and anchor more fully the wisdom of Royal Hummingbird so you can create from that place of stillness and know the divine you are more intimately!

For a limited time, you can register for only $297!

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