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Retake the South -For Current Students ONLY!


snakeHow attached are you to your story?  

As you have grown your medicine, have you ever noticed yourself slipping back into old patterns?

Knowing that you want to hold this wisdom firmly under your feet, but understanding that you only retain 10% of the teachings….

Are you ready to play full-out!

I have a special offer for you!


Here is YOUR opportunity to hear the wisdom of the South “Unveiling Your Path to Success” again,

from the place you NOW walk your path.

Dani on Mt DiabloYou Will Learn to:

  • Deepen details of your “story” that has held you back
  • Strengthen your techniques to clear your path to success
  • Enhance your tracking skills on how your story has created many situations in your life
  • Master your sandpainting skills
  • Assist in giving the 4 Foundational Rites
  • Plus strengthen so much more!


Limited to the First 5 Students!

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This is ONLY offered to students who’ve already taken this class and willing to come for all 4 days in the archetype of student.

After my journey of holding the Global Shamanic Fires last September with Shamans from all around the world, it became clear how many Shaman’s have taken the Medicine Wheel several times. They held solidly the teachings and walked in such a place of grace. This will be my 30th time visiting the South direction and each time I have more profound insight and growth.


So You Can Have:Don Francisco and Dani

  • Ease at getting MORE of what you want
  • Amazing insight and anchoring of tracking yourself and others
  • Magic of stepping into gifts you never knew you had!


Retake the South

“Unveiling Your Path to Success”

June 19-22, 2014


$297 (a savings of $900)

If you register by June 1, 2014

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The 1st time around the Medicine Wheel, I was very intimidated of the unknown. My intellectual perceptions did nothing more than confuse me. However, when I left the retreat, it became very apparent to me that I had grasped only about a 1/3 of what Dani had revealed.

I did not retain with certainty the practices of how to feed your bands or the rites given. I knew nothing about chakras before and little afterward. At that point, I was absolutely certain I had to retake the South so I could get a better grip on the direction and the opportunity to be guided by Dani and her assistants.

When I arrived at the South for second time around, it was intense, but I felt so much more relaxed this time as we (me in particular) were able to PLAY FULL OUT and realize the JOY of doing so while learning from our GIFTED MASTERS. This time I was able to go down the rabbit hole much faster, seeing the contrast (shadow and light), finding the Divine gift, and facilitate in helping others also. We were able to experience the extraordinary nature that surrounds the new retreat. It was so gratifying to feel at peace in learning the ways of SERPENT and to truly see how she sheds her skin to a new beginning.

My gratitude for receiving this opportunity is dwarfed by Dani’s commitment and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in teaching the directions and the WAY of the SHAMAN for our spiritual growth. I feel truly blessed to have stumbled across this as I walk my path. I could take these directions 100 times and still be finding knowledge of what I don’t know.

Michael Mohr


Dani BurlingInspiring Your Success,

Dani Burling
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