Your Sacred Destiny

Retake the West -For Current Students ONLY!

How is your world reflecting itself to you?

Would you like to understand more fully what is blocking you?

And how your fear is holding you back?


Well, here is an unbelievable offer for you!

Your Sacred Destiny is offering YOU the opportunity to retake the West-Gathering Your Abundant Gifts!

This is ONLY offered to students who’ve already taken this class and are willing to come for all 4 days in the archetype of the student. 

Limited to 5 people!

Remember you only retained 10% of the wisdom of the West…

Nov 29- Dec 2, 2012

Location: Your Sacred Destiny 

Limited Time Pricing

Only $197 

(Savings of $800)

Offer only valid before Nov 1, 2012

For more information call or email Gina or (925)698-9165

Lodging at Location!

Yes! There are rooms to rent at THIS location. Please contact Gina if you are interested in learning more: or (925) 698-9165.


Hear the Benefits of Taking the Medicine Wheel the 2nd Time Around!

I never believed any of this stuff until it was proven to me through Dani’s teachings that are so much more refined (or else I am) the 2nd time around the Medicine Wheel .  

My parents and children say I am “just not the same!”. I realized that one of the practicums of my 1st West manifested after I retook the West and now I am going to Peru for 2 months!  

The wisdom for me was deeper and richer. The insights were so powerful! I had forgotten so much and now I can reapply the skills into my life that just keeps getting better!

  Merre Ward, Keller Williams Realty

Dani BurlingIn Love & Success,

Dani Burling