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In this special 4 Day Retreat, I will share with you the exact tools to transform the pain in your life plus all the whats, whys and hows to do it over and over again. Working with your energy field and finding those answers that are hidden from you are the fastest way to heal!

The shaman understands the powerfully invisible energy that surrounds us and how our reality is organized by this exact energy.

You will learn the specific techniques of clearing problems and transforming this diverse energy that creates healing and changes for a life filled with health, joy and prosperity.

These teachings are filled with step by step processes for life changing personal growth and advanced skills to add to those you already possess.

The powerful skills of the shaman are extremely multi-dimensional, where you look into your past, future, ancestral lines, emotions and parts of the mind that have yet to be accessed, but hold your hidden answers. You don’t have to use it with only pain, but the main door you can go through is WHAT YOUR BODY IS TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW.

If you are a lightworkers, massage therapist, nurse or energy worker, to name just a few, these skills of the shaman will aid your already powerful work.

This upcoming Retreat is called the South Direction – Unveil Your Path to Success. These are the exact steps you will take to:

  • Learn the techniques to change your energy that will begin to heal your pain
  • Discover how to overcome the challenges you didn’t even know were there so you can be more powerful in your life
  • Know the exact steps every time that you can take in every situation to stay healthy and energized
  • Hold the secrets to taking every step that will change every area of your life
  • Plus many experiential processes that will uncover deep, personal answers for you

 Hear what a Master Student has to say

It can be hard working towards your health especially when you are giving your heart and soul to accomplish your goals, but sometimes you still aren’t getting the results you are wanting. There are unseen and remarkable skills that you can learn that will help make it easier for you and even quicker!

Hi, I am Dani Burling. I am known by many as “The Shaman Trainer”. After being trained in 11 other healing arts, I have studied for the past 15 years with the last of the Inka Shamans of Peru and have been teaching their very deep ancient traditions, that have been proven for over 50,000 years, to the world for the past 9 years.  

It is so rewarding to see my students’ health change and how they make such huge differences in their lives by implementing these skills.

If you are struggling and stressing to find the answers to your health, I can guarantee you that your answers are ready to be revealed.


Sometimes we have an amazing change in our lives, but we don’t know how we did it. Don’t you want to know how to create that change in every area of your life, consistently?


To have better health and change your life, ask yourself these questions: 

  1. If I could wave a realistic magic wand, my life would look like…

  2. What do I want to change that is causing me to struggle


  3. What challenges am I facing when trying to accomplishing my goals?


  4. What’s not working?


  5. What is the long-term impact of not learning how to make those drastic changes?

Wouldn’t it be nice to look in one place and find all the puzzle pieces to what you need to see exactly how to hear your body and make the changes in your life that you want to…in ways you may never have imagined? The problem is that there are so many different healing paths you can take, but as I discovered, the wisdom of the shaman holds the key to the mysteries of your life…and here is why:

How do I know I have found the answers….

I know that when I worked with my first shaman, the work followed me home and changed my life! This type of training is very different than what society teaches you today. I stopped getting sick. My job changed from what I didn’t like to a job custom made for me;. My relationships changed to loving and caring instead of conflicting and judgmental. My direction in life changed – and I am living my purpose and doing what I love! I think for all of us, we want to be happy and doing what we are supposed to be doing and the deep insight of the shaman can definitely teach you how to realign with your destiny.

I know I felt like I was trying too hard; stressing too much and focusing on the wrong thing. And whenever you feel that way, something is in need of being uncovered and transformed and that is where the shaman’s abilities come into play.

Would you like these answers?

It’s about learning how to take quantum leaps in your life. It’s about learning that you may be doing many things you were taught – backwards! If your life is hard right now or you just want more skills so you can have answers that you weren’t given before, what you will learn will set you apart from those who think life is all about working hard.  You will gain the tools to recognize that every situation has an untold story behind it and I will teach you how to find all those stories that are hidden from most of us.

Here is what you will discover in these 4 Days:

* How to take the skills you already have acquired in your life and create the momentum you need in order to achieve YOUR GOALS easily. These tools are the FOUNDATION TO ALL SUCCESS!

* Knowing how to access the hidden 80% that is controlling YOU so YOU CAN CREATE SUCCESS. Powerful answers for you lie here!

* The secret to the powerful part of YOU that is invisible and how working with it will allow YOU TO HOLD THE MISSING PIECE TO MANIFESTING. Most people miss this and struggle to create everything.

* Find your hidden answers and allow your shifts to happen in class. So when you go home…life will unfold the way you want – automatically!

* Learn powerful techniques and tools to open the door so YOU CAN LET IN WHAT YOU WANT. These answers lie BEYOND THE MIND!

* Tap into the UNSEEN WORLD where you will see, hear, know, work with and understand everything on a whole new level. This goes for you, others and every situation in your life! Can you imagine being able to tap into answers you never knew were available to you?

* Discovering the Four insights of attaining goals. Most think there is only one and, therefore, come across boulders on their path to success. One of these techniques is the GIFT OF THE SHAMAN. And one anchors your shift into your physical reality.

* Know the Formula to CREATING SUCCESS that is BACKWARDS to how we have been taught. If we all knew it, wouldn’t we all be successful?

* How to easily use “tracking skills” to FIND ANYTHING (even your keys) including ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS YOU HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR and have been unable to find!

* Learning the Three levels of evolution and how to sense them in yourself and others. This will give you the insight to understanding what lies under someone’s words and actions; VERY POWERFUL TOOL TO HOLD!

* Participating in BEAUTIFUL CEREMONIES so you can access wisdom never before held. These are powerful, healing gifts that everyone should have!

* Fun, exciting and powerful ways to clear the parts of you that have been holding you back from being the TRUE, POWERFUL YOU that was meant to be seen.

* The CONFIDENCE that comes with being READY to grasp your DREAMS!


You really don’t want to miss out on this life changing event.

I can promise you that the tools that you will walk away with will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.

If you’re on this page, it means there’s a ticket with your name on it sitting here.

Also, as my GIFT to YOU… 

You will receive FREE


       Bonus #1 – a $225 value

      FREE Personal Session During the Program with Dani

     That will give you a jump start towards your Quantum Leap.



Bonus #2 – a $397 value

FREE Teleseminar 4-CD Series Downloads, handouts and transcript

Including tools and techniques that allow immediate change in your life.


Don’t just take my word for it.

Listen to what my previous attendees have to say:

Jane Koski - testimonial

Testimony of Kim Kane

“Going through Dani’s medicine Wheel was nothing short of miraculous. In just one short year, I quit my job, started my own business, found the love of my life, got married, got pregnant and essentially, manifested the life of my dreams. These were all things I had been dreaming about for a long time, and I do believe that doing the work with Dani helped me get rid of what was standing in my way so I could finally attract everything I wanted in my life. I am grateful.”

Nathalie Chapron, C.B.I.C



Bob and Berta

Before learning these skills, deals would fall apart. I use this work all the time for both buyers and sellers for homes to close smoothly. Last year was my first year learning these skills and Bob and I had our biggest year ever in real estate in our 23 years together!

Berta & Bob Bower, Alain Pinel Realtors, Saratoga, CA



  “I went from a size 12 to a size 2. I realized I was holding onto so much pain of my past that it was weighing me down. Once I learned how to find the gift in the situations of my past, the weight just melted off!” Sarah Coflin, Arbonne Manager





“My heart rate had been 90 bpm for 3 months. I was afraid to go to the doctor. After 10 minutes with Dani, my heart rate went down to 70 bpm and stayed there. I had to learn how my past was causing me to stress so much that it was affecting my heart and my health.” -Shelli  


“My business has really taken off since I graduated from the Dream Weaving Beyond Success Program. I am more organized in my life and others can see a new-found confidence in myself. My future is clear as I continue to increase my income and share my gifts with the world.”

Sandra Edwards
Hand Analysis for Self Discovery


“Run, don’t walk to anything Dani is teaching. Her message is huge and life changing. Dani offers the gifts I’ve been looking for all my life. Dani has supported me in manifesting the relationship of my dreams and my 2 businesses have taken off in ways I only dreamed of!”

Joanne Starkman
Shine Organic Beauty and Wellness
Innersense Organic Beauty

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Dani Burling

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