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 Sacred Dollars Program

Thank you very much for your continued support in Your Sacred Destiny.

I’m honored that you have chosen to share the wisdom of the Shaman
with your family and friends.

In exchange for sharing this wisdom, everyone who signs up for the Dream Weaving Beyond Success Program, that has been referred by you, earns you rewards of up to $100 in Sacred Dollars per person!

Here is how it works:

When you refer anyone who then signs up for the Dream Weaving Beyond Success Program, you will receive 10% (up to $100) of the amount in which they pay for their first retreat as soon as they have paid for and completed it.

There are no limits to how many people you can refer, so refer as many people as you would like!

In fact, if you would like to host a Free Workshop at your home or business, we can do that too. A Free Workshop would allow you to gather all of the people you have in mind to experience for themselves the work and teachings of Dani Burling of Your Sacred Destiny and to realize the change that they too can create within their own lives.

So take a moment right now to complete this page and watch the Sacred Dollars roll in!


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Sacred Dollars Program Guidelines*

The referring person will receive a 10% (up to $100) in Sacred Dollars Credit of the price paid for by the referred person(s) for their first retreat in the Dream Weaving Beyond Success Program.

The Sacred Dollars will be applied to the referring person’s own account for use toward their own classes (not applicable toward private sessions, lodging or store purchases) once the referred person has paid for and completed their first retreat.

Notifications of the application of the referrer’s credits toward their account will be sent out via e-mail within 1 week following the completion of the referred person’s first retreat.

If you facilitate a Free Workshop at your home or place of business and allow outside referrals to attend your workshop, the 10% Sacred Dollars Bonus Credit will be split 50/50 by you and the outside referring person.

If your referred person attends one of our Free Workshops at another person’s home or place of business, the 10% Sacred Dollars Bonus Credit will be split 50/50 by you and the Free Workshop facilitator.

The Sacred Dollars are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash value.


*The program guidelines are subject to change and you can receive a copy of the most recent version by e-mailing your request to


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Last Revised: 01/2014