Your Sacred Destiny

Sessions with Dani

Sacred Healing
Cleansing the Energy Body of
Physical Weight and Pain

If your journey has become painful and your life uncertain because of stressful situations or you are ready to attune your vibration, this Attunement is for you! Stressors affect your nervous system and your electromagnetic field causing health issues and life hardship.

During your session, you will experience and discover:

• Seeing into your DNA to find your physical healing
Your answers are in those crazy emotions that are debilitating to you
A new way to be yourself, see others and change your situation
 What it feels like to have your energy field in align with your health and your dreams

Currently, I am offering Shaman Sessions at

The Golden Door

San Marcos, CA


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Transforming Your Life

Your personal transformation is facilitated through the powerful work of the shaman that holds the completeness of your healing on the physical, emotional, energetic and mythic (the piece that transforms your world) which creates highly effective clearing of the source of your patterns that have been holding you back.

When your actions are not producing the results you desire, it takes more than affirmations to remedy your situation. Dani tracks deep within your story to find the answers that you have been seeking in places you may not even knew existed. You will then hold a knowingness of how to free yourself of your conflict, illness, sadness, anger, and struggle occurring in your life so you can begin to create your dreams.

Individual sessions with Dani are $245 per hour.


Space Clearing and Blessing

The shaman facilitates clearings of homes and businesses on 7 different levels in order is free the space of blocks that are creating negative emotions and lack of success. This process can take up to 2 hours and can involve many different processes of clearing. Once completed, the door is open to manifest your desires and create the life you are wanting.

Blessings are done for businesses, individuals, loved ones, events or any area of your life where you want to create momentum, success and loving relationships.

Clearings for homes/businesses are $225 per hour.

Blessings are $500 per event plus travel time.


Assisting Souls to Cross Over

Do you know someone who is about to leave this world? The shaman holds the gift of allowing those to transition over without holding any regrets of the life they have unfolded. This process allows the person to process and clear any unfinished business they may have in order to ensure that the soul completes its journey back to the light with ease and beauty.

This process can also be performed for a soul that has already passed from the physical body.

Assisting Souls to Cross Over are $245