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Your personal transformation is facilitated through the powerful work of the shaman. The details of how each individual creates their reality is powerfully seen through the eyes of the shaman. In understanding that you are the creator of everything: the health of your relationships, your goals, direction in life, finances and career and the wellness of your body. Your body is the first sign of where your energy is at. Literally, your body is giving you the answers on what you need to balance in order to change your reality.

The work involves bringing the completeness of your healing on the physical, emotional, energetic and mythic (the piece that transforms your world) which creates highly effective clearing of the source of your patterns that have been holding you back.

A shaman session begins with a clearing of your thoughts, emotions, molecular structure and energy field while you are consciously with the shaman releasing those energies. Once that happens, the shaman will facilitate journeys into different dimensions so you will:

* Clear the energy that is holding you back
* Free you of emotions that are causing you to struggle
* Journey to find answers to your past, yourself and others
* Know why everything has happened in your past; what your lessons this life time are and the purpose you came here to accomplish
* Understand yourself differently, others, differently and how to create your future differenty
* Your session ends with insights, tools, awareness and answers
* You will feel physically different and will then process with the shaman so you understand the entire experience
* Dani transcribes exactly the answers you speak so you have a record of your experience and will be given tools to continue your sacred journey

Different areas to explore may include:

* The world of spirit
* Soul Retrieval/Past life regression
* This lifetime healing
* Generational healing
* Destiny Retrieval
* Spirit releasement
* and so much more….


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