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“Beyond Success”

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  • Discover how you can be successful by changing ONE thing (and this one thing may not be what you have imagined)
  • Understanding WHICH PART OF YOU actually controls your finances (This is the part you want to know!)
  • Create the Life that You Want for Yourself by Understanding YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY (this answer will surprise you!)
  • How to get ALL THE ANSWERS you need to create the momentum you have been searching for!

This series is for you if you want to develop skills to change your financial situation effortlessly! (These are the answers behind the scenes of success!)

And it is for you if you want to know how to create change in every area of your life!

You will learn proven strategies from a lineage of resources on how to step out of the struggle and step beyond success! These are very experiential processes that will allow you to work at a level that will follow you home and change your world! My heart goes out to you all as I know you will experience the amazement that you are!

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CD 1 – You will know the Secret to:

  • Working hard and thinking about all the things you have to do.
  • Discovering how to be successful by changing one thing.
  • Understanding what holds you back in order to create what you want.

CD 2 – You will discover the Secret to:

  • Understand which part of you actually controls your finances.
  • Accessing how you really interact and react with money and how to get what you want.
  • Knowing you are not alone in this process, nor are you to blame.

CD 3 – You will find the Secret to:

  • Seeing the truth of problem solving and creating success.
  • Hold the answers you need to live life exactly the way you want to.
  • Being who you need to be in order to live the life you desire.

CD4 – You will discover the Secret to:

  • Knowing the American Dream and how to step out of the nightmare.
  • Understanding your success and the success of others.
  • Accomplishing the possibilities for your life.

This powerful series is designed to allow you to create success in ways never imagined. The techniques have been proven time and time again by Dani’s clients and students.

All these secrets are no cost specific ways to change your relationship with money.

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Hear How Others Have Benefited!

“Going through Dani’s medicine Wheel was nothing short of miraculous. In just one short year, I quit my job, started my own business, found the love of my life, got married, got pregnant and essentially, manifested the life of my dreams. These were all things I had been dreaming about for a long time, and I do believe that doing the work with Dani helped me get rid of what was standing in my way so I could finally attract everything I wanted in my life. I am grateful.”

Nathalie Chapron, C.B.I.C


So are You Ready to Change Everything About

Your Life, Especially Money?

Are you a business owner who has developed all the skills of your profession and are now ready to take the next step? Would you like to learn proven strategies from a lineage of resources on how to step out of the struggle and step beyond success? Do you want to know the powerful techniques of creating success…in ways you may never have imagined?

Yes, I am ready to commit to stepping Beyond Success and accomplishing the possibilities for my life.

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Dani Burling
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