Your Sacred Destiny

The Sage Experience

Gatherings of the Master Graduates

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The Sage is Wisdom…the art of your mastery…
All wisdom is born of knowledge and has been given for one purpose,
for you to journey to your highest vibration
so you may ripple your Sage experience to the world…

Knowledge takes time to become wisdom…patience divine one.

Where’s your cape?



You do it all! AND…You see it all! You probably see what you’ve never been taught as well, right? How many others are out there in the world that you can actually share your findings with?

A Superhero hears the call and answers the call.

So comes a new saga to unveil…

I recently was told by one of my students who was graduating the Masters Retreats, “Dani, what am I supposed to do now? You still have a community because you get to see all the new and ongoing Masters, but what about those who graduate?”

Wow! That hit home.. and I was sad. She was right! I purposely created a community so I had like-minded shamans around me, but where do they go after that and how do they continue to bask in the wisdom?

So “to save the day”, comes..

The Sage Experience – Master Graduates need only apply!

Should you choose to accept this mission…you will:

  • Intensely continue to grow spiritually
  • Learn to die more fully and rebirth in grace
  • Experience giving and receiving all the Rites – and perhaps the 10th Rite
  • Step into the archetype of the teacher to grow into the wisdom more fully
  • Participate in our own holistic fair and share our gifts with each other
  • Have the opportunity to present your favorite pieces; demo and set up
  • Learn key elements on growing a business
  • Feel inspired with “Show and Tell”
  • Experience a variety of speakers/healers
  • Inspire outside groups
  • Pretty much take everything you learned and ampli-“fly” it all!

Here are the details:

Dates: Saturday morning through Sunday 5pm

Location: Vacation Rental in mountains

Bring your cape! metaphorically