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They tell you stuff, but where is the change?

African drum copyHave you ever noticed that when you have a reading… they tell you stuff?

I guess I could do that too…just tell you stuff, but where is the CHANGE?

There MUST be an EXPERIENTIAL PIECE between your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and heart then there is a BRIDGE to YOUR ANSWER!!!! There must be that BRIDGE!

Have you ever took the steps to get something done and it went sooo easy and turned out better than you thought it ever would?

Then there are those times that you struggle to accomplish just one goal…

The difference is…your mind, heart and energy were in alignment with what you were striving for.

So many people that I see now make those BIG changes in their lives. They are those who are really dedicated to continuing to find answers to getting what they want.

There are many paths…but which one really gets you what you want?

Here are some ways you can immediately change what isn’t working for you NOW that is stressing you out because you can’t find the BRIDGE:


Shaman session 

New Shaman Workshop 

Drum Playshop 


I remember seeing an astrologer in my past who talked and talked to me about what they see in the stars and I left feeling like….”where do I go from here?”.  

If you want to know where to go from here, then I invite you to consider the next upcoming events because they ALL have an experiential process to journey you across the bridge to your answers.

They all literally change your body on a cellular level and your vibration on an energetic level which is EXACTLY what you need in order to stop stressing about your health, relationships and money! Nice science has finally proven that!

So my question to you is – “How are you the untouched drum? How is spirit not hearing your call and how can you more clearly send your call to spirit?” 

Here’s to YOU finding the answers you want now!



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