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VIP Dream Weaver Retreat

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I am honored to guide you on your path to create the life you desire.

Here’s what you’ll learn as you journey around the Medicine Wheel:

  • We will transform your physical, emotional, energetic and mythic parts of you and what is not working in your life (this will allow you to find your gifts to shift the energy so your reality aligns with your destiny)
  • Clear the root of what blocks your success through tracking into many dimensions to find your answers (so you can walk your path of success with ease)
  • Teach you how to bypass the mind in order for the energetic shifts to hold (and begin to allow what you want to come to you)
  • Learn the lesson of your soul and why contrast has happened in your life (so you can understand the truth of who you truly are so you can live your purpose!)
  • Find your story and patterns that have affected the success of every area of your life (so you can create without contrasting blocks)
  • Journey for power animals (so you can begin to understand when the universe is delivering messages)
  • Receive the 1st 4 Rites of Enlightenment (there are 9 total) passed down from the lineage of shamans to assist you on your journey of success that are elite to the world of the shaman
  • Discover how to step outside of time and heal through your generations and children’s children (the gift of the shaman is to no longer be bound by time)
  • Journey to past lives to understand the contracts and return to you YOUR the lost soul part and gift (this allows you to hold more of the wisdom of your soul)
  • Receive 4 weeks of follow-up phone sessions
  • Become a member of the Shamanic Wisdom Conference Calls (so you can be in community and share your success as well as hear how others have benefited from this powerful wisdom)
  • Receive a gift basket full of shamanic tools that will assist you on your journey of purpose, passion and success
  • Receive Your Sacred Destiny’s 4 CD set “Beyond Success”
  • Receive Your Sacred Destiny’s NEW DVD “Clearing and Blessing Your Home and Business”
  • Plus so much more that is unknowable until experienced!

I WILL be in contact with you shortly to set up YOUR personal retreat!

Dani Burling


In Love and Success,
Dani Burling
Shamanic Trainer
925 354-3496


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