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What Steps You Can Take for Your Success

Ever wonder what would happen if you adopted the SPECIFIC mindset and confidence skills used by the world’s most successful people?

Because if you have ever taken one step that you didn’t even expect to take and… your life CHANGED…you just need to refine those skills so you’re not always searching for success, but instead are living it!

It’s so funny because I feel that straddle of success too! It’s like my ego tells me to continue taking the same steps and expecting me to have a different result! (Yes, I still have conversations with my ego…I know it means well, but for sure it doesn’t know the steps to success!) I have a great story of one of my students who took such a step and her FINANCES CHANGED in today’s article plus the steps she took for her success.

Featured Results and Your Success Steps:


“I have always had this fear of making enough or not being enough and kept attracting situations where others let me down financially. Now, I have already manifested many very important things.  I have been paid what is owed to me! I learned the tools to recognize that my anxiety over this darn pattern of not feeling worthy of having everything I can dream of is purely my own trust issues, so I have learned the specific techniques from Dani on how to stay on my success path because I know I am a powerful manifestor, I just needed the tools!

Meghan G.
Sacramento, CA.
Sous Chef

This priceless wisdom has changed my life in these specific ways:

  • The check I was stressing over and waiting for is coming and it’s more than I had even anticipated.
  • Since there was so much interest in the jam I made at Dani’s Retreat and also from people who bought it last year, I will be making it and selling it again because it’s just too obvious of an opportunity to pass up.
  • I’m also in an amazing new relationship that is surprisingly easy as well!

There is so much more I could talk about and all are very cool and exciting things and I can’t wait to learn more!

Thank you so much for all of your love and support, Dani, and reminding me how powerful I am.”

Your Success STEPS:

 1. Start to see the pattern:

  • Meghan had to take a step off the path she was on because as you read, she saw there was a pattern – knowing this is the first step to discovering these success steps.

Answer this question to begin your 1st step:

  • How am I feeling about this situation that is not bringing me the success I want?
  • When have I felt these feelings in the past?
  • What have I done to change these feelings?
  • These are important questions that will definitely show you that you may be on the wrong path because you will start to see a pattern.


  1. See or hear experiences of others:
  • Meghan saw someone else go through these same steps that gave her the confidence to think “maybe…this could work”


  1. Experience the results yourself:
  • Meghan experienced a “shaman session” at a workshop and her knee pain (that was braced from twisting it), was gone. Yes, pain can be removed from the body as well.


  1. Are you the archetype of the Victim, Rescuer or Perpetrator?
  • Meghan realized she defaulted to victim
  • Then she went through the discovery process of what that creates in her life and who she attracts that plays into this game of the 3.
  • Which one do you default to? It will explain a lot!


  1. Start to find all the puzzle pieces for your success
  • From that workshop, she started to gain the tools to put her own puzzle pieces together. She realized how wrong the path was that she was on and how she had, many times, stepped off that path and created success.
  • She had to explore how her past situations were feeding into her current situations. I will help you figure that out at the workshop!


Hope these STEPS were helpful! And I hope to give you more STEPS at the next upcoming workshop!

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