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What You Can Do About the 2013 Government Shutdown

Government ShutdownAre you contributing to the government shut down?  What can you do about it? Here are 4 questions to ask yourself.

The world reflects our light and our shadow. What we see then becomes only a mirror of ourselves. The shaman is the master of the light and the shadow. To recognize all parts of the self, allows us to be able to understand others because we have walked in their footsteps (have seen them in ourselves).

With the government shut down, BART threatening to strike, and health issues, the shaman looks at how is this me?

The shaman recognizes that their light ripples out to the world as well as their shadow. English: Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) logo

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself if you want to see a different reflection in your life by turning what is happening in the world around:

How do I shut others out? (government issues)

How do I manipulate and collude with others to take someone down? (government issues)

How do I threaten to strike or leave? (BART)

How are these thoughts affecting my body? (health)

I hope you found these questions valuable to you so you can be the most accepting of yourself, those around you, and the world at hand.



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