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Who IS Dani Burling?

Dani Burling, owner of Your Sacred Destiny, is a Corporate Communication Coach. She offers highly customized interactive programs for team building, productivity and leadership. These are not random workshops, but fun and insightful experiences that reduce stress and helps individuals overcome conflict. Whether you are a business, hospital or corporation, everyone gets involved for high energy teamwork to experience the heartbeat of their organization. She brings her 20 years of training insight into your organization to powerfully integrate team building, sales, productivity, motivation and leadership.

Dani BurlingSeldom is there time in the ‘busyness’ of daily corporate activity to focus on the human component that is the essential driving force behind the success of the corporate mission. Your Sacred Destiny is not an ordinary run of the mill company, nor is Dani Burling just some random Coach. She is on the frontier of science in taking an outside-of the-box approach to employee efficiency by reestablishing the pulse of the company (thereby relieving staff and management stressors).Dani has studied extensively searching for her answers to success. She brings proven techniques that hold scientific research so you don’t have to reinvent the success wheel.

She helps your company find the answers that are priceless in bringing together your group to achieve everyone’s desired success!


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