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All Workshops are customized for your group

whether friends or corporate

to find answers to your relationships, finances and health

as you participate in an experience of the wisdom of the shaman


Classes Available

Balancing Your Chakras to Your Destiny Learn how your energy field plays a key role in all areas of your life. Discover the details of your energy field and chakras so you can then physically see how your chakras are in or out of balance and how you can rebalance them for health, relationships and finances.

Discover Your Power Animal After your energy is cleared, take a journey with our shaman to discover what animal will choose you to share its wisdom with on how it sees your life and how to align more fully with your sacred destiny. Find the answers that may have been hidden from you before.

Shaman Blessing Honoring Your Dreams Experience and participate in a sacred ceremony, called a “Despacho”, of beauty, sweetness and intentions in honoring your journey by knowing how your call to spirit can bring more love to relationships, your direction in life and your health.

Shaman Journey to Clear and Realign Experience a guided journey with drums, rattles and more for you to clear your past, bring balance to your life and soar into your sacred destiny by learning from the wisdom of the animals.


      Here is a portion of a previous workshop:



****~ Hear How Others Have Benefited ~

From a Lifetime of Medication to All Around Great Health

  • Since age 19, I was told I would be on medication the rest of my life.
  • 2 years ago, I was taken off medication because my thyroid was functioning normally.
  • I lost 20 lbs without a diet change.
  • For the first time out of 7 pregnancies, I did not get gestational diabetes.

Gina LaRue, Bookkeeper, Antioch, CA


JeanePain Free and Feeling Good!

I’ve learned from a lot of mentors in my day, but the neck pain I had experienced from all the driving for my company is gone!

The rapid heart rate that I had been trying to overcome has had energy lifted from my heart and I feel amazing!

Jeane Bilolavek, JB Group Publishing Co., Fairfax, CA


Shingles Gone and No Pain!Michele M.

  • I came to class with shingles up my leg due to stress when I started the class. 
  • While in class, I took hardly any of the medication.
  • By the end of class, the rash was practically gone even though the doctors said it could take a month or more!

Michele M., Sonora, CA


ReidCalm, and Pain Free!

I have always had a racing that was a big concern, but after my class, my heart is calm.  Also, I have had bladder problems that has caused severe pain, but now….no pain!  I can’t wait for what my future holds.

Reid, San Francisco, CA



Biggest Year Ever! Bob and Berta

Before learning these skills, deals would fall apart. I use this work all the time for both buyers and sellers for homes to close smoothly. Last year was my first year learning these skills and Bob and I had our biggest year ever in real estate in our 23 years together!

Berta & Bob Bower, Alain Pinel Realtors, Saratoga, CA



Nathalie's tesimony


I Now Know What was Preventing My Weight Loss!

“I really enjoyed the class Dani taught at Cambiati! It was so unbelievable to learn how parts of me I didn’t know about were preventing my weight loss. I was able to understand how to begin to attract the things I really want into my life!!!! It’s so amazing how that 1 thing can make such a huge difference! Thanks Dani”

~ Sarah Coflin, R.N., International Consultant, Executive Area Manager


I Lost Weight Without Even Trying!

“Before I learned these tools, after each child, I held the weight. After I learned these amazing skills and had my last child, the weight just fell off!”

~ Gina LaRue, Bookkeeper, Antioch, CA

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Dani Burling




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