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You are EACH face that trick-or-treats at your door!

It’s so exciting to know that the little trick or treat’ers are almost here! 

Isn’t it fun to see all the costumes like the ladybugs, fairies, ghosts, pumpkins and scary faces? They’re almost upon us!

Kids dressed for Halloween

How are you each face that comes to your door on Halloween?

The shaman is the master of the light and the shadow within. To recognize all parts of the self, allows us to be able to understand others because we have walked in their footsteps (have seen them in ourselves). Oh, that could be scary if you’re thinking of all those costumes!

The shaman recognizes that their light ripples out to the world as well as their shadow.

So here are a few questions you can ask yourself if you want to see a different reflection in your life. By seeing those ghouly faces that Halloween brings in the mirror, you can see those parts of you that your body is in pain over:

  • How do you hide or are not seen by your body or others?
  • What is it that causes you to be scared and how does your body respond?
  • What is it that causes you to be scary?
  • What have you not let go of (or died to) that won’t let your body heal and causes the “zombie body”?

 Happy Halloween!


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