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Your fear stops your DNA in its tracks

I was thinking about my first shaman session and how he removed energy from a past life that was affecting my stomach and brought magic into my life…
If you’ve never had a shaman session, I’ve just been thinking about how my journey started so I thought I’d share with you what I experienced:

First of all, the energy in the room started swirling around and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I truly had no idea how my life was about to change.


I could tell by looking in his eyes that he knew things that were magical and joyful and dreamy.
He spoke words I had said to myself, but never spoke out loud. He smiled and seemed always to be one step ahead of me (if not more).

I laid down and he began shaking his rattle. At the time, I didn’t know what he was doing, but later I learned he was clearing my energy field and finding those dimensions that were holding me back from my goals, health, relationships and anything else he was tracking into.

I was in such a different state…deep inside myself – experiencing unknown feelings, sensations and releases.

He did what the shamans call a soul retrieval on me. Apparently, I had been a kahuna in a past life who was poisoned and died. peacock

The shaman removed the energy from my stomach area that was creating fearin my life and returned my divine soul part back to me. It had left me because of that event and had taken away the wholeness of my soul. He also returned to my energy field a divine gift and a power animal…which was a peacock (as most of you know).


All I can say is miracles happened after that…
  • Crazy, uncontrollable laugher that night- without even knowing that was the medicine of peacock until the next day! Along with the medicine of resurrection…(dying to the old way of being in my case)
  • New and amazing relationships and opportunities ended up right in front of me
  • Extreme coincidences in health through healing
  • 3 times I traveled to Peru and sat in ceremony at sacred sites with the shamans (Q’ero)
  • The leader of the Q’ero nation came to stay with me and teach the wisdom of the shaman with me
  • and this amazing journey 13 years later of sessions, workshops, retreats, drumming and this amazing community with you!

Just reminiscing brings a feeling of awe and to think, now I get to teach others how to do exactly what was done on me all those years ago…

Research shows that the fear in our cells prevent healing in our DNA. Is that crazy or what?

I want to know how to remove the fear from my DNA so I can heal

So I am excited to go back to my roots and offer sessions for 1 DAY ONLY in Benicia and I am gifting you $100 off!

I sell out pretty quick so call me as soon as you decide to take your life to the next level.

Here’s my number now if you are ready: 925 354-3496

See you in the magical realm of shaman healing.



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