Energy Healing

Negative Emotions Can Impact Your Life

Shaman Dani clearing the energy of her client with the drum
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"Wow! I want to begin by thanking Shaman Dani for the amazing experience! I’ve never felt something similar to what I experienced in our session. I can still feel the energy and peace of mind. Talking to her was so easy as if I was talking to a close friend or a family member. Her energy is just so pure and beautiful. I would recommend a session with Shaman Dani to anyone who wants to really feel at peace with themselves and the beautiful world around them." MAGDALENA K.

Negative Emotions
Are a Sign You Need
Energy Healing

How Energy Healing Works

As a shaman, with regard to energy healing, I am best known for being able to clear the unhealthy energy of the thoughts and emotions of your past that make you feel heavy, stuck or like something is holding you back.


After working with 1,000s and 1,000s of clients and teaching my students over the past 20 years, what I have seen over and over again is that:

1. Your relationships are impacted by your energy;

2. The health of your body is influenced by your energy; and

3. Your goals may be harder to achieve because if your energy is stuck, your life may be stuck.

By clearing your thoughts, emotions and energy field, you are able to connect with a multitude of dimensions that, with my guidance, helps you find answers that you may have been looking for your entire life.

When what you have tried is no longer working
there may come a time to take a new path

of energy healing that can lead you

to the answers you are looking for...

Energy Healing Helps in These Areas

Shaman Dani performing energy healing on her student during a retreat
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"Dani opened my eyes to the Shaman experience. I did not know how much i would learn about myself and just how skilled she is at understanding where a person is and how to take them to the next level. She is able to uncover the issues that affect a person's life and put one in touch with those energies so that you not only understand yourself better but really feel the change. She is truly gifted and I feel lucky to be able to have sessions with her. Both in person and virtually." DEANNA A., Escondido, CA


Your Relationships are Impacted
by Your Energy


Many clients and students come to me because they are having issues with their marriage, family members, work environment, etc. and need energy healing.They are not sure whether to get a divorce, cut someone out of their life or change their job because of a co-worker or boss.


When I guide you through the doors where your answers lie, will discover what all your relationships have really been trying to show you. Through other doors, you are able to see yourself and others differently and understand how the dynamics of your relationships really work and how easily you can change them for the better.

Shaman Dani performing energy healing on her student during a retreat
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""Amazing session! You have to experience Shaman Dani's healing work, it's truly unique!!! What a beautiful and powerful spirit! Highly recommend A+!" VICKY S., Los Angeles


If You are Struggling with Your Goals, Your Energy May be Stuck


My clients, guests and students who come to me for energy healing are frustrated with where they are in their life. Some are struggling with being able to meet their goals and some aren’t sure if they even have a direction.


The most rewarding shaman teachings I have facilitated are with those individuals who find the answers that really change their lives. It sounds so impossible, but I have seen it happen over and over in their lives. When your energy is off, it makes it harder to accomplish your goals!

Shaman Dani performing energy healing on a guest at the Golden Door
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"Dani is, without question, the most gift spiritual healer I have ever met. I got to the root of issues in one hour with her that would have taken me 10 years in a therapy session. I saw so many things about myself that needed to be seen and attended to. I can't say enough good things about Dani, but you should go see her, you will not regret it. She is a terrific person." RICK P., Miami, FL


Understanding How to Heal Your Body


A large number of clients/students have either pain or some type of issue, weakness or disease manifesting in their body. It is important to understand how intelligent your body is and how it is always telling you when YOU are out of balance. The sooner we can recognize that conversation, the sooner we can assist the body to heal through energy healing.


It is important to realize that your body communicates through aches and pains and then eventually, when we don’t listen, it accelerates to the next level of weakness, until…. we are confronted with a medical crisis.

Shaman Dani performing energy healing on a student during one of her retreats
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"Dani's work is spot on transformative and life changing. Her compassionate strength allows for space for spiritual haling to occur. The effects are long lasting as one can continue to work with the material that arises....and she sends notes as reminders afterwords. I will continue to see her when I need help and guidance on my path!" MAUREEN W., Oakland, CA

Energy Healing
is Beyond
Your Mind

What the Mind is Really
Telling You


Our mind only holds information from our past and all it wants to do is keep us safe. The problem is that all the answers you are looking for in life lie beyond your mind. Unfortunately, our mind only knows what it knows and doesn’t usually want to take a different path because it doesn’t know what is down that unknown direction. Therefore, we create patterns of the same events of the past – in various forms. It is in these situations that we need energy healing.


During a shaman session, the brain is rewired with new understanding as other dimensions are opened for you. Within these dimensions lie the truth of why you are here; why everything has happened to you and especially the answers to how to access the wisdom that lies within us all.

Hear it from others!

Father Issue

Her Mind was Blown…

I just worked with a student who was having issues with her father. Every time she would talk with him, he would get mad at her. He would blame her and would stop all communications with her. She told me she had tried every way to fix their relationship. The wisdom she received during her shaman experience not only cleared the heavy energy she was feeling, but it gave her the answers she needed to change her relationship.

During her next encounter with her father, his response was completely different. Instead of angry and reactive, he was positive and heartfelt! As a shaman, it is important to clear your energy and bring in wisdom of a higher vibration, so your relationships reflect what you want. She now had the tools to understand herself and him differently. 

"My mind is blown! Best money I ever spent! You always help me see what I couldn’t see before, Shaman Dani!"

Dealing with Loss

How she overcame the loss of her husband…

A lady came to see me after her husband committed suicide. He left her and their baby daughter. She didn’t understand why he did it and was confused if he ever really loved her; why he was so selfish and if he was ok…

This guest came to a resort where I was their Resident Shaman. Even though she was excited to meet with me, she had been told it would be “very powerful”.

We worked through her clearing of energy of thoughts and emotions. I guided her deeper and deeper until she saw her husband walk towards her and give her a big hug. He was ok. He gave her answers on why he left until she understood. He shared his love with her.

The next day, she found me and asked for a hug and said,

“Thank you! I feel so much better and I received the exact answers I was looking for.”

Possibilities with the Shaman

Personally, I have worked with my shamans more times than I can even remember. The possibilities of where you can be guided and what answers you will find are limitless. Each session allows you to understand more clearly; to find more meaning and more answers to your life. These answers allow you to navigate your life more consciously or with more awareness of the truth of what is really happening in any situation.

As a shaman, you are guided to places to help you find:

  • answers to your life
  • answers about your relationships
  • answers that some may have been looking for a long time
  • answers to create something different
  • answers to healing
  • answers to understand you and others differently
  • answers to know your purpose
  • or how to handle what is coming next in your life
  • To help you see what you couldn’t see before so you may have what you may never have dreamed of
  • And knowing how to help you access that information by connecting you to the wisdom of your soul
  • answers that lie beyond the mind