Meet Shaman Dani

Studied over 10 Healing Modalities


Her journey began 30 years. Dani Burling is a Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Hypnotherapist, Drumming Facilitator, Sound Healer and Master Shaman to name a few. She teaches the universal techniques of how to bring your body, emotions, energy field and life back into balance and how to allow your dreams to come to you.

Shaman Dani Spiritual Healing near me

Studied with the Shamans of Peru
for 20 years

When I met my first shaman, I was shocked at how profound my experience was. I could literally feel him pulling the thoughts and emotions of my past out of my body and energy field. I could feel the anger, sadness, trauma and where it was stuck inside of me.


He guided me through healing and then he journeyed into a past life where he found me as a Kahuna in Hawaii. I'm Hawaiian, but I had not told him that! In past life work, we die. Many times we die with a belief that then follows us into future lifetimes to heal. If we don't heal the past, we can continue to struggle this lifetime with the same issues.


For the shaman in past life work, the healing comes from soul retrieval - bringing back that lost soul part that has fragmented. We need all our soul parts retrieved so that we hold their wisdom again and no longer need to live in that story.



Taught the Wisdom of the Shaman
for 12 years

She have been teaching this wisdom of the shamans of Peru for over 15 years. She share the tools you need to understand your past, yourself and others differently. You become aware of the lessons you came here to learn and even what your purpose is. All these answers allow you to be able to create what you want in your life.


"But my greatest passion has been teaching so many of my own students who had been struggling with their lives. It has given me the opportunity to give them the tools and skills that have changed their lives in the most beautiful ways. I have guided each guest, client and student through doors and into other dimensions, that lie beyond the mind, where they discover answers they need that changes their energy and changes their life!


global vigil 2011

Journeyed to Peru with her Students

She has taken her students to Peru to hike the sacred mountains and go to the sacred sites to experience ceremony with these extraordinary medicine men and women who offer such healing for us all in today's difficulties.


I have heard so many clients tell me that they found so many answers in this powerful  wisdom. To make life more loving, prosperous and healing, we need to go inside and discover the wisdom we need to access to make life more beautiful and easier to create your dreams!



Students in Peru
Peru with students

Dani was the Resident Shaman
at 3 - #1 Resorts

I have worked with so many guests at world renowned resorts who step into my room perhaps skeptical, but leave inspired and amazed. Teaching a variety of classes explaining the energy field and surprising the guests with 'mind blowing' experiences to drum circles and sacred ceremonies.


At the same time, I have seen my own clients from around the world who have been intrigued with the possibilities to heal and discover the answers they have been searching for.


I have been honored to have been the Resident Shaman for

Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa in the Palm Springs area (voted #1 Mineral Springs Resort in the Nation).


Golden Door in San Marcos, Ca. (voted 2019 – #1 Resort in the World by Conde Naste)


We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA. (currently sharing at this location)

The Golden Door
Two Bunch Palms
We Care Spa