Clearing Home or Business


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Sound never leaves a room...

So what is lingering in the air?

Because it may be affecting

your family,

your career,

and YOU?

Clearing Your Space of Negative Emotions


Clearing the energy of your spaces where negative emotions such as anger, sadness, disrespect can affect the energy of your relationships, goals and health.

Energy from the land can affect you and your family along with energy from:

  • past owners
  • workers
  • items from the past
  • visitors
  • spirits


The shaman facilitates clearing a space such as in homes and businesses. This clearing happens on 7 different levels in order to free the space of blocks that are creating negative emotions, sounds and blocks and lack of success in relationships, goals and health.

Some clients want a Space Clearing for the following reasons:

To sell your home – so the energy of the home is at the highest vibration that attracts the perfect buyer

New home – wanting the energy of previous occupants cleared

Strange noises or phenomenas are in the home

Businesses – clearing the energy to create success; clearing the energy of a previous business that occupied the space; wanting to create the next level of success

The Process

Time Frame

This process can take a minimum of 4 hours depending on the size of the location and involves more than 7 different processes and layers of clearing.



The shaman and owner (recommended) clear every area in every room because sound never leaves a room and can turn into a sheet of glass affecting all those who pass through the energy. The space is then clear of past heavy energy from others, the past or from the land the building resides on.

Finally, the shaman performs a blessing ceremony to create your dreams for the future. A beautiful blessing bundle called a Despacho that the shamans of Peru have performed for more than 10,000 years.

This energy sets the intention for those in the location and for the energy of the land, Mother Earth.


Once the clearing has been accomplished, there is a process of rebalancing which allows the space to be open and breathable so energy flows more freely; relationships can improve and goals can manifest to create the life you are wanting with more peace and happiness.

It is a beautiful ceremony done with all participants to bring in the energy of their highest dreams!