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As a shaman, I am best known for being able to clear the unhealthy energy of your thoughts and emotions and the thoughts and emotions of others that get stuck in your energy field and make you feel stuck, heavy, anxious or like something is holding you back.

I then take you for healing on where those emotions came from (this lifetime, past lifetimes, generational healing...

Once that is accomplished, I can then guide you through doors and dimensions where right in front of you lie answers to your life.

Available: In-person and virtual

Experiences for Your Event



  • Drum Circle to Clear and Realign or create your own intention for your special group event

All ceremonies and experiences are one-of-a-kind, created with your intentions and facilitated in sacredness for clearing, healing, growth, answers and the best of what life has to offer you and your guests.

For Your Special Group

Healing Get-Away
Bachelorette Party
Birthday Celebration
Baby Shower


Clear Negative Energy


Emotions never leave the room!

Clearing the energy of your spaces where negative emotions such as anger, sadness, disrespect can affect your home or business is essential for the health of your family or success.

Shaman Dani facilitates clearing a space on 7 different levels in order to free the space of blocks that have been creating negative emotions and lack of success in relationships, goals and health.


What is it?


Your thoughts and emotions and your sensitivity to others can  negatively impact your energy field and chakras. This energy can then cause:

* Your Relationships
to be affected and you may be struggling at home, work or with friends or family.

* The Health
of your body can break down and impact your sleep, cause weight issues, pain and dis-ease.

* Your Goals
may be harder to achieve because if your energy is stuck, your life may be stuck

By changing your energy field, you can change your life and I have seen it happen over and over again!


30 Years of Experience 

After working with over 5,000 clients and teaching her students, what she has seen over and over again is that your energy creates your reality!

She is trained as a Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Hypnotherapist, Drumming Facilitator, Sound Healer and Master Shaman.

She has worked with 3 #1 resorts as their Resident Shaman. At all 3 locations, she was the most requested service with the highest recommendations as each week she had a wait list for their guests.

Shaman Dani's wisdom has allowed her to work with the most successful people in the world through the years. Whether corporate owners, actors, producers, authors, etc., she has helped so many feel different in their bodies and help them change their lives by giving them answers to their energy and their purpose.

"I am best known for being able to clear your energy, heal your past and take you to discover answers to your life."


Check out the sacred tools
you can use to c

  • Your energy
  • Your family
  • Your home
  • Your Business
  • Rooms you travel to!


  • Your Chakras and energy field


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Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 4.23.54 PM

Dani is an amazing medicine woman. I have been working with her for a couple years, have had multiple sessions, and each experience is transformative. She helps me clear past issues and negative energy, so that I can move forward with more confidence and clarity. Looking forward to our next session! MAXINE G., CA

Does Your Energy Need Cleared?


Your relationships are impacted by your energy!

Your relationships of all kinds can change for the better. Whether it is with your family, friends, co-workers or loved ones, your energy can impact how they treat you and how you react!


Your energy can block your goals!

When someone tells me after their session, they finished the book they had been stuck on and movie stars are wanting to star in their movie gives me and my client both goose bumps to know how powerful clearing your energy can be. By holding the highest vibration can make your life so much easier and can bring you beyond what your mind can imagine!


Your body reacts to your energy!

I always ask my clients if they have had any health issues in the past, because your body is so smart and is always telling you
how your mind and emotions may be out of balance. It helps me understand what energy needs to be cleared from you so your body can begin healing.

Number of Sacred Healings!

Throughout the past 30 years, I have worked at #1 World Renowned Resorts to bring their guests these sacred and beautiful experiences.


I have been honored to have lead special events for many types of groups and have taught these powerful cerremonies to my students for years.

Shaman Sessions Performed
Shaman Blessings for Your Dreams
Shaman Healing and Journeys
Drum Circles to Clear and Realign

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