Your Sacred Destiny


Guiding you to find answers that align you with Your Sacred Destiny

Dani Burling
is the
“Resident Shaman”

The Golden Door in San Marcos, California

It has always been a challenge to describe this life changing sacred healing. Now I know that it is the most powerful work I have ever been trained in. The shaman’s intention is to bring the 80% of your subconscious into your conscious mind; to live 100% conscious. By clearing your thoughts, emotions, molecular structure and energy field, you are able to connect with a multitude of dimensions to find answer you have been looking for perhaps your entire life.

Imagine journeying back before you incarnated; to that place of light where all the souls reside. Imagine finding the answers to life or receiving wisdom from your loved ones. Most people I work with have never done any of this type of work before. What I have realized is that during a session, they are being connected to their soul. This wisdom of light that holds so many answers to why they are here and why everything has happened to them this lifetime. To discover your lessons, your purpose and your gifts change everything and you begin to understand and see through different eyes.

Space Clearing
Shaman Sessions


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